The ue4-oakgame game has crashed and will close

OS:WIN10 21H1
GPU:3080 471.11
Borderlands 3 [STEAM]

How can I troubleshoot the problem

I don’t think they ever actually came up with a fix for this issue.

The mention of bifrost looks familiar. There’s two possibilities:

  1. A trojan called bifrost, which you don’t want on your computer
  2. A component of the matchmaking system in BL3 and added to BL2 as well

A bit of a pain both are call bifrost, but I believe they have different file suffixes. (There’s also a Bifrost DAC, just to confuse things further).

For the second, the key thing is this:

From a post in that thread:

That is definitely ringing bells from previous forum threads. What language is your system in?

There’s a workaround in post 55 in that thread.

@vCarpeDiemv - unfortunately, there are many things that will give the same generic error message. In this case, it appears to be a different issue. Crashes during the Claptrap initialization sequence seem to be related to either DX-version or temp file corruption.

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