The UI shows me that i go up in Guardian Rank, but i dont get the points

So, im watching the Guardian rank in my main UI of the game. And it shows that i go up guardian ranks pretty often… When i open the tab, The rank or bar has not moved at all, and no points to spend.

Is there a problem with the scaling between the one in the main UI and the one in the guardian rank tab? It shows the same in both game, or is it that it is an visual effect, in main ui, that shows that it goes from 0 lets say 50%. So its miss leading in a way?

What i do see, when i do a quest. It goes to 100%, then it goes to 0 and up in to like the next rank. confusing

I’ve noticed this the last couple days whenever I turn in the quest to Maurice. The the purple exp bar quickly fills up and rolls into the next round ending up a little further on the bar than it was. I think it may be an animation error rather than a number one.

Yes, it what i see as well. I think this must be a bug

An animation one I’m thinking. I have been able to ACTUALLY level it up twice in that time which worked properly.

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I struggle a bit with going up in ranks atm, rank 255, so i have like 2 ranks in a day. But i was wondering, when i started to see the bar fill up into the next one, without getting the points.

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