The Ultimate Battleborn References Thread!

Ok, so I remember there was something like this for Borderlands back in the day.

I think it would be really cool if we goukd compile all the references we come across in Battleborn here.

Gearbox LOVES their references!

I will begin by saying that most of Benedicts taunts are referencing chicken dances from Arrested Development.


Gali has at least three references to Japanese games
Her FF7 Cloud taunt
Her LOZ helix
And her seemingly Metroid inspired first platinum skin


There’s a list around her somewhere with a mountain of obscure references I would never get… i don’t know where it is. One sec

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ISIC sometimes says " that guy has Moxxi for this he shall be killed"


I mean, moxy is a regular word, not sure that’s a reference. I even have a nightclub in my town called Moxy’s.


Marquis lore titled “More Robot Rebellion” and Rath’s “Crimson Fastness” upgrade are references to the original Borderlands.

El Dragon has the Stunner and Attitude Adjustment upgrades, which reference Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena. He also has the “Blazer Azul” skin, a reference to Owen Hart’s Blue Blazer character. Not to mention all his Hulk Hogan poses.


Excellent so far!

Whoops I was under the assumption that it was Moxxi from BL2. I stand corrected thank you sir.


Miko says redrum redrum redrum also pretty sure i have haerd attikus quotes from other things in British literature but i cant be sure

Dragon Ball Z references. Reyna’s rank 15 taunt, Boldur’s Super Slayin skin… any others?


Forgot I had made this topic!

Sometimes at the beginning of an Incursion match, the home sentry will say “ALRIGHT! Anime convention!” as the team runs by him, this is a reference to several of the voice actors in BB being voice actors for FUNimation, including Elizabeth Maxwell (Phoebe) and Christopher Sabat (Rath) though he particularly singles out Rath. I think he ends by saying “Oh, never mind it’s just Rath”

@EdenSophia another Dragon Ball Z reference, sometimes when Rath runs by the sentry he’ll say “do the catchphrase” but he gets it wrong, I think he says something like “You know, IT’S AFTER NINE THIRTY!” referencing “IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAND!” (Vegeta on Goku’s power level)


My GF especially loves all the DBZ references in the game. She can watch Reyna go Super Saiyan forever, haha :stuck_out_tongue:


It is a cool taunt, but it belongs on Montana (Not because he’s a man, but because he’s BUFF)

Though I guess Reyna is buff, or at least her thighs are… :confused:

Edit: Speaking of DB, I just downloaded episode 62 of DBS. Does your girlfriend watch it?

We are going to watch Super together someday. She wants it in the original Japanese, and I’m not sure how easy it is to get hold of…

And don’t question Reyna’s worthiness. After Mellka and Ambra, she’s definitely the third most dreamy Battleborn for me (not counting Gali’s voice, which is a force in its own right)

I watch it in Japanese with English subs, been watching it week by week.

No way, Phoebe and Deande are the babes of Battleborn :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread is going to have a very long list, but make sure to include the reference to Me(ntalMarmot) & @Psychichazard that are hidden in the lore :wink:


There’s a reference to PH? I had not seen that before, where/what is it?

My friend pointed out a rather obscure reference. In the show Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles has a wrestling persona called the Green Bastard. His tag line is “Green Bastard, from parts unknown!” El Dragón’s green skin is called ‘parts unknown’

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In Marquis’ lore…

And yes, I’m more than proud about this.

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