The Ultimate Bekah Guide

This is a part of my The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of Borderlands Red Text Guns thread but it started growing so much I decided to make it have its own thread and link to that thread.

While the Bekah is finally accepted as a Top Tier gun, I still see a lot of either mis understanding or a lack of understanding of the gun. I’m going to attempt to cover it all here so people can see how great it is and hopefully start using it more.

Stats and Red Text Abilities

  • Damage: +26.3%
  • Accuracy: unchanged
  • Fire Rate: unchanged
  • Reload Speed: unchanged
  • Magazine Size: unchanged
  • +50% Type A critical hit bonus, and keeps the 15% Type B crit bonus all Jakobs AR’s have
  • 3 unlisted pellets that spawn off of the first pellet and start slow but quickly accelerate to full speed.
  • All 4 pellets have penetration or pseudo b0re, they keep moving after impact.

When you look at all of that put together you start to get the idea

  • Damage on par with snipers
  • Accuracy on par with snipers
  • Fire rate as fast as they come
  • Reload and Mag are not great but not terrible either.

It’s kind of a super gun on the stats 3/5 are all top tier and the 2 lower stats are not bad just average.

Best Parts

  • Grip: Jakobs
  • Stock: Dahl
  • Site: Vladof (IMO sites can be subjective)
  • Prefix: Boss

The only part here that seems to be up for debate is the prefix and most of that comes from the fear of the recoil. Don’t fear the recoil because its only bad if you get a Jakobs stock and all guns are bad with Jakobs stocks. You do want to ADS most of the time with it but that goes for a lot of guns.

Here is an image of the spread of 3 guns

  • Bottom right is the Bekah
  • Bottom left is the Sandhawk
  • Top is an Anarchist

The Bekah by far has the best spread and I also show this in the video above so you can see I was shooting at a good speed. If the recoil was so terrible the spread would also be terrible, but it has a better spread than 2 popular guns where people don’t complain about recoil or spreads with.

The Damage Math

I do have minds eye on this, I took these screen shots with the rest of the Jakobs AR’s and had it on to show type b crit bonuses. The 25% is minds eye.

Bekah Single Pellet
609326 x 2 x (1 + 50% + 25%) x (1 + 15%) = 2,452,537
Bekah Unlisted Pellets
2452537 x 3 = 7,357,611
Total Damage

482383 x 2 x (1 + 25%) x (1 + 15%) = 1,386,851

The Bekah does 607% more damage than the gun it was based on. So many of the red text guns do between 5-10% more percent, very few special ones go up to the 100% range and even less 500% or more.

The “Negatives” of the Bekah

I have " " up there because many of these are blow out of proportion

The recoil is to much

I have the video above that covers this and the image above as well. The recoil is really not bad, you don’t need to farm a Horse Bekah, just one without a Jakobs stock.

It’s only good on crits

This is flat out untrue, when you have 600,000+ damage per pellet, 4 pellets per trigger pull, and a 15ish fire rate. Body shots with this will match most guns in the game.

I don’t like to pull the trigger for each shot

Fair enough, but don’t think you have to spam it really fast, using it as a precision tool and aiming and slowly shooting it can do better than just spamming it anyways.

It’s Non Elemental only

This is totally fair, while for everything other than raids it matters very little, but yeah its not going to really be a raid boss gun.

How to get the most out of it

  • Shoot a wall close up, back up, shoot again, and keep doing this to learn the split
  • It has unlisted pellets so its of course great with the Bee, as well as high critical hit damage.
  • There is a time for spam and a time for aiming, depending on the situation its either better to fire away or just make sure you hit that spot.


  • Chain Reaction is the big one because of its synergy with both Penetration and Bullet Splits. You can read more about that here
  • Foresight increases mag size and decreases reload speed, which is the bekah’s weak spot
  • Converge groups up enemies for great effect with Penetration
  • Restoration is great with Penetration guns since you can heal a teammate and hurt an enemy on the same shot.
  • Reaper is best with guns with One Shot potential
  • Lifetap also loves Penetration since you can kill an enemy and if the bullets hit a second enemy they can heal you on the same shot that activated Life Tap


  • Nth Degree works great with Penetration similar to B0re and Chain Reaction, you can read about it in the same link as above with Maya
  • Close Enough also works well with Penetration if the bullet goes through the enemy and hits the ground it can bounce towards another enemy and possibly split again depending on distance.
  • It has high accuracy so up to 150 - 200 stacks you can still crit pretty well
  • The massive base damage along with Anarchy is a nice match, even more with the unlisted pellets.


  • Zer0 loves high burst damage with Deception and the Bekah has that in spaids
  • Zer0 has a lot of critical hit buffs that work even better with a gun that has Type B critical hit damage
  • Two-Fang can really speed up the fire rate of Jakobs guns
  • B0re like Chain Reaction and Nth Degree work great with penetration guns, but also the unlisted pellets make it even better.
  • Zer0 has a lot of strong reload speed skills that help the weakness of its reload speed.


Video coming soon

  • Sal makes everything good with offhand and the Bekah is no exception, adding 800% type A crit with the lady fist or the massive type B grog bonus both work great on the Bekah
  • Steady She Goes removes any recoil concern you could have
  • Lay Waste and Quick Draw both play nice with the Type B crit bonus
  • The large hitting power gets NKLO to its max pretty easy
  • You can’t money shot chain but you can get to it quick and Money shot is huge with it.


  • Axton is known as the AR character even with only 1 AR buff in his tree but that one buff is great for the Bekah as well as the Rifleman com although his Tiny Tina Ranger coms give it a run for the money.
  • The Bekah is non elemental so you can use Duty calls and yeah the fire rate is wasted but all of Axtons damage skills add up quick.
  • Axton has some of the best reload speed skills in the game and reload is one of the weaknesses, also add in overload he can really get rid of 2 of the bekahs weak points.


I don’t really know if the bekah is for him to be honest. I’ll look into and play with this some more.


Really helpful Derch. I managed to get myself an OP8 Deadshot Bekah, so this is really useful for helping me use it in certain situations.

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Honestly? On Gaige, slag isn’t really nescecary as soon as you have a decent amount of stacks. Personally only need it against super badasses and bosses.

Anyway, great guide.

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Darnet! I have an OP8 Boss Bekah w/ Jakobs sight(which I hate) and a Jakobs stock. But you wanna know whats funny, I just asked if someone could give me an OP8 Boss Bekah w/ A Dahl Stock, and Vladof sight.

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I suppose I could see some bekah usage from Krieg with some of his skills; Blood Filled Guns, Blood Twitch and Nervous Blood taking care of both the mag capacity and reload speeds, Bloodbath and Bloodsplosion increasing the dps while Thrill of the Kill keeps health up.

If someone can figure out a bekah build for Krieg, it would be really interesting.

Those were some of my thoughts and the Bekah is so strong you don’t need much else do damage. I don’t know how it will hold up but Im all for giving it a shot. Com, relic, and all that I don’t know and I have to think about quite a bit.

Given how Krieg is best in an enemy’s face, I don’t see him getting much use out of the Bekah.

Great guide, Derch. I may have to try mine again. :dukeaffirmative:

I do agree it would only be an exercise in can I make it work, not is this good. On the other 5 it really is good.

A slight correction: the fact that the Bekah has multiple pellets doesn’t affect Get Some as the skill has a cooldown after activating.

IMO, the best thing about the Bekah on Sal is that there is no need to invest into ammo conservation skills or fire rate buffs, leaving you with the freedom to go into Brawn.

Otherwise, great work Derch :slight_smile:

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I’ll fix that when I get to my pc

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First, nice job in the guide. While I do like this gun even though the only one I have has a horrible Jakobs stock, it is still fantastic for the moments when the recoil is under control.

The biggest problem I have with the gun is its drop rate below OP8. Not sure if that is something that you would consider to put in your ‘cons’ section, but for anybody who plays below OP8 this gun seems to be near impossible to find.

It’s a shame really and probably helps to keep it off the radar for a lot of players. I play this game a lot and I’ve actually had more Cobras drop (2) than new pearls (just 1, luckily a Bekah). That’s just crazy.

Thanks for the input I should do a section on where and how to get it, and let everyone know how rare it is.

Also I should put something in there about burst fire.

Bekah is usable with Krieg pretty much because of it’s sheer power, it doesn’t have much synergy with his skills… Like with the ladyfist, probably anything you assemble without longer shield recharge delay and extra damage will end up working.

I suppose you could either go with Legendary Reaper/Blood Blister because of the bonus to bloodbath (and also free points in TotK for leg_reaper) as well as increased kill-skill duration, since the bekah won’t be able to activate BB alone you probably would preffer to keep weapon-swap/fastballing to a minimum, while another com could be maybe a Barbarian due to it’s passive bonuses (e.g., a neutral evil for mag size and crit bonus), granted the skill buffs wouldn’t benefit the weapon in anyway.

For relics though, I would probably still stick with the blood of the ancients but I guess a jakobs allegiance relic, a skin of the ancients or even a shadow of the seraphs could add something different.


That was a great video, Derch. Very informative and I look forward to the rest.


ok, i start getting pi…d about the bekak, i played this game more then 2000 hrs and never gotten one and guess will never get, although i want to try it out so hard. so i know this isnt the right place but if someone has alevel 72 one left pls tell me, i ll take it so i can finally try it out. thx

I can finally play, so here’s some action with (mostly) Bekah, in the SSaP.

I must say, the Two Fangs can bring it to a whole new level on Zer0.

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Ask in the trade section for your platform because you’ll likely get a faster offer there.

Do you mind if I use this video in the op for the zer0 section?

Nice post man. Well done!

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