The Ultimate Bekah Guide

Absolutely not! What were you thinking asking that?!?


Of course you can.

Updated OP with an Axton video and DS’s Zer0 video.

ok, my luck changed after i started an OP8 game with maya, i got TWO bekahs to drop in frostburn canyon, seems like the new pearls drop mostly in op gaming. one is BOSS, the other FLUSH. do u know what those prefixes mean derch? the boss version seems to be more stable, but i need to get a relic for that. also does someone know what acc recovery means on an relic? would that be useful for the bekah or do i need the recoil version?

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Boss is damage
Flush is mag size

Recoil is on the stock no acc, and no you really don’t need a horse which is the recoil version, I go over that in detail in the video.

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I personally never liked this gun and that comes primarily from the fact that it’s very rare for me to get crits with the 3 extra projectiles. Having seen your guide, I tried to figure out the splitting distance when shooting the target dummy while playing as Axton (so no increases to projectile speed should be active) and I can go move my back against the wall without getting the split, while in your video, you get the split at a much shorter distance and I believe with 6 points in Accelerate. I used to think that the reason the “Shoot them in the face - twice” damage doesn’t occur is the fact that enemies twitch their heads out of the way like Han Solo (they have so many poses I wouldn’t be surprised), but maybe there’s another factor playing into it? Are there hidden bullet speed buffs that I am missing? Could it be PC related?

Frames do effect the split

Lovely. That would certainly explain it (and also why this gun isn’t particularly popular).

Well also its Jakobs, an AR and a Pearl. That’s a lot to go against it.

I just found out about this and came to this thread… But why is the split affected by that?

I believe time in air is at less party measured I frames or frames has something to do with it.

Are you stating that as a fact (as in, having a link for a proof somewhere)? frame/update rate do affect time calculations but I think the game does handle delta-timing.

Not as a fact, thats why I said “I believe” and “has something”

I’m pretty sure frames effect split time but I don’t know the mechanics behind it.

I say this because I’ve seen a lot a difference in split times based on hardware.

I guess v-sync could do the trick to check distances variation/ratio while running the game at different fps. I just find it a bit strange for distances still being affected by it.


I don’t see a diffirence myself, atleast not much, and I went from PS3, which is capped at 30FPS to PS4, which has double the famerate. Now I’m not here to shoot down what you are saying, but if it is true it might be possibly the only item in BL2 that has this behavior.

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Just a heads up, at the end of your basics video(35:10) you say something like the following

“if you want to min max it’s definitely Boss with Jakobs stock.”

That aside, I really want to try this gun, but OP0 isn’t generous with the new Pearls. More Dust and Selection Amnex runs await.

Thanks ill put up an annotation later.

want one of these tubbys dont exist for me so will probly never gert one

If you have either upgrade pack, then tubbies will show up. If you don’t, then… Note you’ll need the second pack installed to get this rifle.

[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:39, topic:475253”]If you have either upgrade pack, then tubbies will show up.

I assume that tubbies will show up in UVHM even without the level cap increases. Of course without the increases, they’ll just drop the basic items (WTF, etc.).