The Ultimate BLTPS Shop

Are you sick of going out farming for a gun that you want, but alas no luck? Well this is the place for you! I’ve played through quite a bit a bit of the Borderlands TPS world and have gotten countless legendary gear that is just going to waste on my pack mule characters. If you are looking for a specific weapon, please message me on my PSN account and I will see what I can come up with. And don’t worry, if you don’t have something to trade in return. I’m not focusing on what I can gain, this page is for the community.

And who knows? Maybe when I hook you up, we can get together, play, and get to know each other for the upcoming DLC release. Happy Looting!!!

(The gear that I have is mostly level 50 and 60 so I’m very sorry to those that haven’t reached those levels yet.)

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do you happen to have the handsome mask for jack? ive been trying for days to get it and no luck

Any TFTBL rewards, fast talker and naught.

I do but I don’t have any dups of it yet. if you like ill start on some and give you one.