The ULTIMATE Guide to Brick

Hey guys Spunky here! Over the past couple of days I have gone about asking people for their builds on how they play brick. I’ve asked users such as Gothalion, U1849KA, bobtm, and taken DEADLYkurpers’ shotgun brick build and thrown them all into 3 complete video guides on how to use brick successfully! All of this is done with live commentary and not post.

First is my favorite!

Melee Brick

NOTICE: Unbreakable DOES NOT WORK while berserking, and Blood Sport DOES stack upon itself so the more enemies you kill in rapid succession the faster/more health you regen.

Your build should look like this and if you have moxxi your other 2 skill points would go into Bash, and Sting Like a Bee. It’s also good to run a skirmisher class mod with +4 in Short Fuse and a +% Team Maximum Health. You will also need a good shield with 60% Health Boost.

Levels 5-15
Levels 15-25
Levels 25-35
Levels 35-45
Levels 45-55
Levels 55-61

Blast Master

NOTICE: The Ogre used in this video IS a modded (constructed weapon) I used it for demonstrational purposes only and that’s IT. Please do not flame for me using it if you are a “purist” If enough people want me to Re-Record this video I will do it. If you want me to re-record it let me know in a PM.

This build is the most versatile build for Brick. You can run Titan, Ogre, Centurion, Blast Master, and Bombardier all on one build! In the Blast Master video I cover all those class mods and even the Alacricious Rose shield and it’s uses with Unbreakable and it’s health regen! If you still need more information on Blast Master head over to Gothalion’s Guide to Blast Master…ing for more details.
If you need more info on shotgunning with Brick, check out DEADLY’s Shotgun Advice for Brick!

The Legit version of what I have in the video. Curtousy of NOLAftw

Also, your 2 points from moxxi can go anywhere you’d like, I threw mine into Wide Load for some extra rockets.

Hybrid Build

This build is by far the strangest build i’ve seen for brick but it works suprisingly well even in Knoxx! This build joins the 2 most lethal bricks together into one only they’re not as lethal as they are by themselves but they still kick out some pretty high damage and kill things pretty quickly while providing enough durability to survive!

U1849KA and bobtm take credit for this one.


This is the most complete guide to using brick successfully in knoxx, and even in the main game. I know there are probably other builds out there that are successful but I tried to get the MOST successful ones and put them into one complete guide. I hope this helps answer most to all of the questions anyone has about brick and how to use him effectively.

Community Tips

Gothalion (Blast Master) - “I find it more benefitial to go without a muscleman shield, mostly because diehard brings you back with a fair amount of health, also second winding will recharge your shields completely. I plan and set up second winds to minimize down time and keep a fairly full health meter as much as possible.”

U1849KA/Spunky (Hybrid Build) - “This Build is for the Tediore Common Man loyalty class mod. Couple this build, with a perfect 660 Common Man class mod with +4 to short fuse, 61% weapon damage, and 32% shield boost, a Tediore Alacritous Panacea (quick health regen shield), Tediore Double Anarchy, and you’ve got yourself a damn fine build. I (Spunky) was able to solo crawmerax in 3 minutes with this build.”

U1849KA (on Carnages) - “Unshielded, fleshy targets are particularly susceptible to blast, combined with the +61% damage, means a Carnage shotgun is actually very effective at killing midgets. When it comes to Skag Riders, the midget on the back is invariably the bigger threat, and when the skag dies, the midget will get a huge health boost, so killing the midget first is imperative. Carnages will deal less damage to the Skag, helping to ensure you kill the midget first to prevent them coming back stronger on-foot. Running with a 918 damage 2-shot, and a 752 damage 12-shot, I was able to take-on anything the Road’s End skag dens could throw at me, including multiple Rapparees at once. The hail of mini-rockets at the Skags’ feet killed the midgets in no time, leaving me with just a few harmless Alpha skags to mop-up with Berserk or the Anarchy. A Carnage Defender would be ideal, as you will want to be free to fire rockets liberally.” Common Manliness Common Manliness 2

NOLAftw (Blast Master) - NOLAftw has a lent us a hand with his Badass build and I must say it’s very very satisfying! “My primary weapon for the setup is my shattering bastard, but a blast hammer is always a decent replacement since the mod has +4 to endowed.” Badass Video

BIG_C_23 (Hybrid Build) - BIG_C_23 has lent us a kind hand with his take on the hybrid build, centered mainly around Blast Master. His build is approximately a 70/30 in favor of Blast Master. Explode-A-Punch The latest and Greatest Brick Build

Juub (Crawmerax) - Juub has had many successful runs against this big purple crab and I feel his guide deserves to be in here! So here’s a link to " Juub’s Guide to Crawmerax ‘‘Solo’ing’’ "

tom12121112 (Guide) - Sir Tom has kindly taken the time to write an excellent guide about slapping people in the titties with launchers. I for one find it highly amusing when i’m not zerking. Check out his guide here!


Spunky, you’ll need to remake those skill trees in 87bazillion if you want the links to work.

Yeah I know, the trouble is remembering what the hell they were lol

This thread is ancient.

I guess you could view the links and painstakingly transfer each number to correspond with each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could but that would be so tedious lol. Most of it is covered, the community tips were fantastic at the time but all anyone ever cares about anymore is just the most DPS you can get. Perhaps i’ll try to get some of the old forumites in here and see what they can do.

Most of them have videos anyway and are pretty thorough in the description.

thanks for presenting some good ideas.

some of the links don’t work.

Yeah I know. The videos explain it though I believe

Is there pls any way how to renew Juub’s Guide? I can’t view it.

Unfortunately most of the links in that thread don’t work anymore, but here is the link to the thread itself

Thanks, that helped a lot. I can finally try to beat him again with my friends. :smile:

@Spunky117 Nice guide. I can post ur guide to steam community with ©? I think it will be nice for other gamers.

go for it

Because you’ve (unknowingly) helped me out before, Spunky, I’d be delighted to cover this one.
U1849KA/Spunky’s (Hybrid Build)

I used wayback machine and ported them over to 87bazillion, they should work.
Stay badass.

Updated. Thank you kind sir.

Aren’t payback and unbreakable a little mutually exclusive? Or does payback process even though you’re getting your shields back?

Yes it does. It’s when your shields break, not when they are down.

Ah, cool. I wasn’t sure if it operated like Fleet and Fearless. I’ll have to spec back into both now.

Yes, they actually have great synergy for blaster-tank builds as the extra shield strength will help protect you during the 10 seconds of Payback’s effect. Payback is also noteworthy because it is the one damage skill in the game that buffs literally every bit of damage you do, bullets, grenades (includes rockets), melee, even elemental DoTs (all of these are 7% per point except bullet damage which is the advertised 8% per point.)

Payback is one of those skills that should just be in every build.

Thanks. I’ve been playing BL 2 too much where shields down skills don’t work very well with those that restore shields on a kill because the later negates the former. I’ll definitely start putting points back into it though.

Since Revenge doesn’t affect launchers, is it a bullet damage boost or a gun damage boost sans launchers? Or do launchers even get gun damage at all?