The Ultimate Loot Hunt

This is an idea had for a while now and with all the BL3 hype going around this seemed like the perfect time to put it out there. It’s the most extreme version of “The Hunt” imaginable. ALL 3 games. ALL Unique guns.

I plan to go through each game and acquire all or as many of the unique guns I can from each up until the release of BL3. I’ve attached a spreadsheet below containing (hopefully) every gun and its drop location(s).

I’d love to have some of you guys attempt this journey and possibly even play with me. I don’t really have any specific rule set in mind but in general, I’d say don’t do anything that would violate the spirit of this whole thing (gib, mods, game-breaking glitches, etc), but it’s really up to you.

I plan to start May 7th/8th, so if your interested in joining me or notice any mistakes in the spreadsheet just let me know. I’d love to get some feedback on this and hear what you guys think

Loot Spreadsheet

Still ongoing is the 3rd Annual Unofficial Loot Hunt. You can take a look at the rules in that. The previous year we included TPS too - it got pretty long but perhaps included more items than you intend, like COMs and skins.

I made this awhile back in 2016 for BL2, might help a little. Have yet to update it after the new DLC though.