The ultimate Pendles thread! Tips, tricks, builds and loadouts! Post yours here!

Exactly as the title states, post any and all things you have learned in your Pendles experience here!

And can we please, PLEASE, avoid debates/arguments about whether Pendles is OP, UP, or balanced. There are already threads for those discussions, this topic is aimed at sharing your own experiences in the form of advice for other players, and discussions about effective strategies and playstyles with everyone’s favourite sneaky snake!

In Advanced PvE Pendles has the chance to be the Turret master.
Several maps offer him the opportunity to safely get turrets up while the team is fighting for control.
On a map like Sabo advanced this means you will need to build some turrets twice so use a shard gen.

Let’s take Sabo advanced as an example of how Pendles can really help the team:

  1. On the last area as your team comes up the hill to fight their way into the inside.
    Help them then use the left elevator, build a Thumper turret on the railing.

  2. Sneak around the many Thrall and build the Thumper turret near the core.

  3. Go to the other side and build the elevated Thumper turret.

  4. Now, it’s not important but if your team is still fighting, add Temporal traps to the top and lower areas plus one next to the core.

You will need to go back now and rebuild the Thumper turret next to the core, it only lasts 20 seconds.

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Tip: Use Smoke Bomb to help you catch a fleeing enemy and kill 'em! I’ve used Smoke Bomb in order to chase a kill many times.

I like to use Boots of the Brute to help me out in that strategy. Just make sure you have an exit plan if you end up chasing somebody back to their side of the map.

I only start off the engagement with injector if It’s a sure kill. If not I go melee from behind, if they quick melee me, I close the gap with injector and smoke bomb finish ftw

You can also still attack and use skills while you are briefly in the third person mode of your ult, making tracking a slippery player who’s about to die much easier.

Pendles the emergency paramedic!

Did a PUG Advanced Helio last night, had 43 revives. This was also among one of the NASTIEST Nix/Conservator and Rendain 2.0 spawns I’ve seen. Thrall Brutes EVERYWHERE. I kept up pretty well with kills, too.

They said he was “interesting” in PvE, and they weren’t lying! I haven’t really used him in PvP just yet, but I’m much more a PvE player overall, really.

I haven’t really designed a Pendles-specific loadout, but I have had some success using a Green Reload Speed penalty Shard Generator (skill bonus damage after killing minor enemies), a Blue Cooldown timer that triggers on Melee hits, and Boots of the Brute.

With his cooldown boost from melee and Miasma active, you can pretty much spam the heck out of Injection, which is pretty cool, especially if you take the back of a foe while a brick occupies their face. I did this very successfully with the Attikus running in that Advanced Helio run last night, chewing up all those Thrall Brutes.

Helix-wise, I have found myself partial to his backstab tricks, but I also haven’t unlocked a lot of his Mutations. Just made level 5 last night. Definitely a fan of throwing 3 stars at once, but I really haven’t fully developed a preference on a lot of his other helixes.

If you’re going for a double thrall steal on Monuments don’t run down the centre of the lane.

You can see Pendles’ footsteps in the water.

LOL yes I silently taught you that lesson in practice :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick tip for the MX Bulwark bots in advanced mode.

They can be pretty nasty, Pendles can only hide for so long, so come out strong and stay strong.

Use your primary melee, just hold it down as you go fast around the bot in complete circles.
Try to hit the back more but this guy turns faster than you can so keep with the circle dance.

You can hawk other battleborn control abilities to help secure kills.
I watched a pendles just wait for the Ghalt to hook and/or trap, then he would attack them from behind and then inject them just as or before the trap let go.

Very brutal.

Pendles is a great Ghalt counter. You may not be able to kill him 100-0 but by harassing you prevent him from setting up, essentially removing him from the fight or setting him up to be killed by a sniper when he’s out of position.

@wisecarver, Pendles is also quite nice on the Archive. Build all the turrets. ?. Profit!

Especially with all the fresh players, not uncommon for me to have revived players 17 times in that first part.

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I’m actually considering writing a Pendles guide for PvP, partially to help the community but mostly because I like writing guides lol. @Ginger_greninja can attest to my credibility, what do you guys think? I’ve posted a couple and written many more that I never published but I’ve been wanting to make a new one and Pendles is my man :slight_smile: