The Ultimate TPS Reference / Easter Egg Thread

Ok, guys, this was on the old forums and never got resurrected (although someone HAD made an excellent Claptastic Voyage reference thread shortly after the DLC releasee - maybe someone could be kind enough to fold that into this thread, pretty please?) so let’s rebuild it here!

Please post any reference / connection / easter egg / meme / tribute / etc that you can think of, large or small, from TPS and associated DLCs.

I’ll start off with a few to get the ball rolling:

Darksiders Base, Tritons Flat: blatant reference to Pink Floyd’s seminal album, Dark Side of the Moon. Especially those bridge / rooftop prisms. Signs and graffiti throughout the base also reference a couple other early Floyd albums.

The Claptastic Voyage - referencing old school cult sci fi film The Fantastic Voyage, where a team of scientists shrunk down to Microscopic size and fly into the human body in a tiny ship.

Major Tom Legendary Assault Rifle - referencing a classic David Bowie song, and the flavour text references another classic Bowie Album, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Scranton’s Liver Tork Area secret location with Monolith - referencing Stanley Kubrick’s classic film adaptation of Arthur C Clarke’s novel “2001: A Space Oddyssey”. My God, it’s full of stars!

Phone dying but PLEASE help add to this list!

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Excalisbastard - The Sword in the Stone - referencing how only the chosen King of the Britons could pull Excalibur from the sword it was thrust into.

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The Dahl ZX-1 = The ZF-1. Replay! Dahl could not manage to copy the other functions!


I knew that had to be a Fifth Element reference

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I will post any i remember / discover tonight when i sit down to get drunk and advance my Wilhelm later tonight!

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I’m gonna update this post with a picture but there’s a dead space easter egg… During “let’s build a robot army” when you have to clear the room full of scavs… Written on the wall says “all is not lost” a reference to the numerous times in the dead space series where written on the wall says “all is lost”

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The quote from the “Jack in the Box” from the side mission, “The sum of some fears” which goes, “Wanna see something really scary”? I’m pretty sure is from the Twilight Zone movie from 1983 (the “Midnight Special Horror Drive” skit).

My girlfriend at the time and I watched that movie in the theater… I was later banned from joking around with that quote with her. :laughing:


Family guy Blue Milk Run Eps Nod with Meg in the trash Compactor

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Claptastic Voyage - Mutator Arena. First playthrough has the racist hotdog yelling “Hotdog!” repeatedly which is a reference to an episode of The Heart, She Holler on Adult Swim. Love that crazy-ass show.

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This thread isnt taking off as I had hoped it would…

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The Ice-Scream assault rifle that Nina awards
Winter is numbing
reference to Game of Thrones - Winter is coming.

Probably well known but when I found this (in the trailers/first few days of release) I had only just started to watch Game of Thrones and this is burned to memory.

The Gas mask on the Concordia Bounty Board as well, I don’t know what that reference is to directly but I know it’s for something.

The Giant Purple Slab in Stanton’s liver, the last teleport is something else too, I remember hearing what it was before but it escapes me for the time being.
My bad, didn’t read @FlamesForAlls post with this bit in properly.

Gwen’s Other Head - Gwen is a strange girl
Reference to Borderlands 2 - Gwen’s Head gun and wherever it’s originally from.

Would Felicity Rampant be a reference to Rampancy with AI’s in Halo? If yes there’s another one I suppose.

Mario themed section in the Eridian excavation site, Tycho’s Ribs.

Moxxi’s Up Over bar - Daft Punk inspired?

Ned Kelly - Australian Outlaw - is the influence for RedBelly.
His story is suprisingly gruesome with the way he had his kneecaps shot so he could be taken for trial since his armor was impenetrable. Red’s unique gun is also a reference to an Australian-native snake.

Hyperion Punch - Falcon Punch.
Reference to Captain Falcon from Nintendo. Claptrap shouts things from Super Smash Bro’s Brawl.

Cl4P-L3K shares similarities to the Dalek’s in appearance and I believe it shares some similarities to the Cybermen with some lines

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Giant Purple Slab - 2001: A Space Odyssey (Flames already got it above)

Gwen’s Head - Seven film reference


Jacks office, there is a calendar that has April 9th marked, which is when BL:TPS was first announced.

Yep, discovered it myself. I am so pround of me.



That RedBelly/Ned Key bit about hin getting shot in the kneecaps finally answers a long standing TPS question of mine!

In one of the Crisis Scar RedBelly ECHOs, Belly says “Oh no! I forgot the cuisse & greaves for my armour! You know, the leg bits”, to which Red replies, “Don’t worry! No one’s gonna shoot you there, mate!”


I actually watched a documentary recently where they re-made Ned Kelly’s infamous armour; it stopped a LOT of bullets and shotgun shells!

I think they had to resort to explosives to finally pierce it!

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What’s in the box?!?



Jack’s in the box.

Now we need Handsome Jacks face photoshoped on a jack in the box.


Or Jack’s severed head is in the box, rather than Gwyneth Paltrow’s…

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One of the Concordia “tips” you hear over the intercom about air might refer to Total Recall.




Your showing the exact scene I still can’t stand, how obvious it may be that they used a animatronic.

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