The Unforgiven and The Rex is better with the "Two fer" prefix

One thing I always didn’t understand is how many people believe that the double prefix on pistols is not good at all, especially for Jakobs pistols. On the Maggie, yes, it is a bad option to put it on there. However for these two weapons (Unforgiven / Rex) that I see most people do not enjoy, they become much stronger than what even I thought. The one argument I see made against the Two fer prefix is how inaccurate it becomes for hitting crits, I have to disagree there. I field tested both of these weapons on OP8 with Maya and compared the usual damage prefix to the double prefix, and the double prefix preformed much better than the damage prefix, and preformed better than I expected. It wasn’t very difficult to get both projectiles to hit crit spots, and each shot ranged from 30000k to 40000k on both the Rex and the Unforgiven. For damage per shot, the Rex easily beats the Unforgiven and I sometimes get more 1hit kills with it, yet the Unforgiven simply preformed better and killed enemies quicker.

Do I think that these weapons are better than a Maggie? Not really. But they were definetly not as bad as everyone said they were and I actually had fun killing things with them.

It’s not bad on most Jakobs pistols.

The thing with the double accessory is that you don’t get twice the damage but still spend twice the ammo.

Yes they have higher DPS overall but they pay a hefty price for it.

The biggest knocks against it is lowered fire rate and accuracy. You get maybe 1.5x the DPS… For twice the Ammo: A good deal in many cases but if you want to use a gun with a wide spread and a small effective ammo pool for it’s Raw power, you should be using a shotgun instead.

The lowered fire rate is irrelevant on Jakobs pistols and they are accurate enough to start with that the penalty can be worked around.

On many other brands however, the lowered accuracy makes them close range only.

How far were you form the targets when you were scoring critical hits with both bullets? Both the Rex and the Unforgiven can be used at sniper rifle distances with practice. The two-fer prefix generally takes that benefit away with overall lowered stats for the exchange of firepower.

At ranges such as this or against small critical hit spots at a respective distance the second bullet has a habit of not hitting the same spot which in turn becomes lost damage potential. It has been a long time since I have used two-fer since I avoid it like the plague but I am quite sure that second bullet goes off on its on even at medium range.


I used them both at the same distances as I test most other pistols, I used them in lynchwood and usually used them at around medium to somewhat long ranges, they both preformed well if not just a few mishaps.

I guess I could try testing out both the dastardly and two fer prefixes and comparing the two, I just wanted to say that the Two fer prefix isn’t that bad. I had fun using both of them anyway.

I’m one of those heretics as well…I don’t agree at all with some of the old blanket statements of “Laser Double is bad.”

Efficiency wise, it is difficult to claim that the Laser Double prefix is better…

And if you are in a long boss fight where you have a chance of using your entire ammo pool…it is probably not the best option…or an extensive run where ammunition is a major concern…


How many times truly in this game is ammo a major concern?

Because most of the time what a player wants is max burst DPS. And given the right weapon and range, that is EXACTLY what the Laser Double Prefix will give you.

Short quick fights at ranges where the double projectiles will all strike their target…it is absolutely the best option on virtually any pistol and I have yet to see someone show me math that differs. And remember I am saying at the right employment range where all the double projectiles are striking.

Yes…for extended fights you will eventually pass the point of greatest DPS produced…and it will shift to other versions.

But the key words here are extended fights.

Yet most of my fights in BL2 last mere seconds and I think that is true for virtually everyone. And Ammo is EVERYWHERE!

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You’re right on most accounts.
I don’t think the ammo argument would be very solid overall…if it was the only one.

Double accessory will “shotgunize” any pistol, making them more powerful, spend more ammo (where shotguns simply have a smaller ammo pool, the net result is the same) and throw their aim off.

If you stay within that range where the loss in accuracy will not mean any wasted shots, it’s better than most other accessories. That’s why the Harold is so good with the double accessory: It already has a wide spread, it already eats ammo and it’s already powerful…you’re just making it doubly so.

My main point with this is: why aren’t you using a shotgun instead ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to use most pistols as a semi-precision weapon: I will aim for crits at medium or short range with them. The double accessory forces me to take body shots at short range only to stay on target.
But if you’re already using your pistol that way, you have everything to gain with the Double accessory.

When i’m forced into body shots at short range, I’d rather have the real thing: A shotgun :grin:

The Hornet is particularly good with it: It’s already quite inaccurate, it has a deep magazine and is very powerful.

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Shotguns are usually my first option as well…

And a Twin Hornet on armored enemies at a decent range is almost unfair…LOL

There used to be some interesting charts on the old forum years ago showing how a Hard Harold would actually surpass a DPUH in overall DPS produced…but it was at like the 785th round or so IIRC.

I don’t get to 785 pistol rounds very often in a fight…LOL.

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If you need 800 rounds shot from a Harold to do what you want, you’re doing something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a total damage output test, not a DPS one (where the Hard Harold would never catch up simply because it’s a “per second” thing … that value tends to drop off (and become meaningless) if you stop shooting.
Just like that, I think that it caught up to the DP version simply because the other gun has stopped shooting a long time ago: After 400 shots the DP harold stops, the other still has ammo and caught up on what it had not spent… which only proves that…the hard one uses less ammo… yay! useful conclusions! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah…maybe that was the one…I think swk3000 did them, or maybe it was Loot Turtle…can’t remember.

They also took into account reload times.

So it showed at what overall time in seconds this would occur as well…the changeover point.

Which is entirely unrealistic as well…but I thought it interesting.

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In my opinion, The Rex and The Unforgiven are relatively bad guns in UVHM(The Unforgiven being a “UVHM-only” gun makes it even more sad), so people “naturally” gravitate toward the Double accessory, which MAKES them better, true. But just “better”, not “good”.

However, the also entirely defeats the purpose of the guns: a sniper-like “hand-cannons”.

I wish that GBX would flat-out x2 buff their damage :frowning:

A slight boost to critical damage B for both revolvers (the really good crit boost) will do them nicely. As of right now both guns are OP8 worthy, at least on Maya, and just need some slight tweaking.

In regards to the prefixes it is up to personal taste if anything between Dastardly and Two-fer but for me I just do not like Two-fer on Maya. I might try it on my Axton build though just to see how it fairs.

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Gonna try them on Sal. Let’s see if those fire rate boosts can make them great.