The Unsolicited Advice Thread

So just if anyone wants old adages or random ■■■■ you’ve gleaned over the years, they can come here and not have to post questions asking “What should I do about X?”

I’ma start boomer strong here with just - “If a band is your favorite, make an attempt to see them live immediately.”

My brother had been a long time fan of the beastie boys but never saw them live before McA died and, personally over the last two days I’ve been dealing with just the entire (prodigious) weight of Hank Von Hell’s death over me.

I know it’s not always possible in a rural area or other concert starved venues, but do it while you can. You never know when you wont be able to again.


When you see a chance, take it. Find romance, fake it, because it’s all on you.

Best I got.

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Forgot the American equivalent of this, but some words that I’ve been taught that I never forgot, if largely transliterated:
“Clean in front of your own door first”. I.E. Judge yourself before you judge others.

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

…ok seriously.

If you’re dating and you ask someone out, any answer other than yes, means no. Don’t accept maybe, some other time, ask me again later… blah blah blah. Seriously!! Trust me.

Best unsolicited advice ever (and worth every penny you paid for it!):

Never lend any money you can’t afford to give away.

No bonus points for needless suffering.

Also, blood may be thicker than water, but it can carry just as much poison. It is entirely possible to love someone but neither like nor trust them, and you can still love them after you cut them out of your life for your own good.

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