The Unstoppable & the Band of Sitorak

I am not sure if this is the right place to post it so I presume it will be moved if it is not.

I have been farming for a Band of Sitorak now for at least 1 solid week with about 2 hours of game time each sitting. I have done in on various levels of Mayhem as well as without. I have allowed the Unstoppable to get to his max transmutation. He is simply not dropping the Band of Sitorak. I have, however, gotten 6 Big Boom Blasters! Is anyone else having any issues farming this? Anyone have any tips on how to get this to drop? I have had to farm awhile on other dedicated loot drops but nothing like this. It feels broken.

I’ve been sitting on a level 35 one just because I collect this stuff - haven’t actually used it. I’m starting to think I should keep it (have no idea where I got it).

How is it being used?

I want it for a Zane build. If I can farm it on cooperation mode & have a Level 1 character retrieve it from the machine, this would be ideal. It works well in barrier tree & gives him high speed & gun DPS.

…like you just run with it depleted for the bonuses? You giving it to the Barrier for double bonus?

Yeah, the depleted bonus will kick in as well as CCC & the health regeneration. I don’t think the Barrier double bonus will work with the shield but I will test it if I can ever get one. Almost 10 days of exclusive farming for it & not a single one has dropped. I am about ready to just go back to BL2 where I can play a game & have some fun!

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Definitely stop letting him evolve…You’re just wasting your time that way. My friend and I have accidentally got Bands from killing him quickly because he was in the way.

Also, your plan to make it level one won’t work. You need to have the level one character in your game and they have to receive the drop.

Also, it really doesn’t need to be level one. You can exploit it just as well without the drone charging it like that.

(There’s an issue with the game where it doesn’t register that the shield is no longer depleted, and it just keeps giving you the bonuses. This happens almost naturally with a CCC Zane. It happens even easier if you have a level one version and use the drone augment that recharges shields when it attacks enemy shields)

I will try that way then this morning. I have a level one character via couch co-op & that has worked getting other level one gear. I got an Infinity & a Stop Gap for Moze with that method so it does work thankfully.

It works cause it drops for them. But you’re set then. Good luck.

Ohhh… those exploits are cute, but not my thing. Awkwardly, that’s the opposite of the Mr. Caffeine shield (which doesn’t restore its buffs on refill, so I have to unequip/re-equip it if it depletes to get the benefit back).

You on Xbox?

Yeah. I just spent most of the night farming, probably 5 hours. I ran it with & without Mayhem, tried to trick given, etc. I got five legendary shields. They were all Big Boom Blasters! I am starting to wonder if the dedicated drop is bugged on the Unstoppable. :man_facepalming:

I can send you one I have a level 5 Sitorak. My gt is Ye olde wolf

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Any of those big boom blasters annointed

Dude, that would be awesome! Yeah, I have a few anointed. You looking for one in particular?

BTW, just added you as a friend. My GT is the same as my Username here.

I’m not too sure what annointments come on shields any bonus elemental damage ones

FYI I might not be able to send till later.

I know there are some AS cool-down anointed ones. Let me check on the elemental. Later today is totally cool. I really appreciate it.

Alright buddy. I will send as soon as I get a chance. Do you have any redistributers