The Unstoppable & the Band of Sitorak

OK, here is what I have from what you said here you are seeking.

I have two fire Redistributers - one does 50% cryo while SNTNL is active & the other does 100% damage on ASE.

I have four Big Boom Blasters - one does 50% radiation on ASE, the second does 50% fire on ASE, the next does 5% movement speed on ASE, & the last is after Phaseslam damage reduction 20% & movement speed increase of 12%.

Just let me know which you want as trade. I am up all night now.

In case you gentlemen can’t find what you’re looking for, I also have quite a few trades over here, including three different BoS shields.

Also, as was already mentioned by @sammantixbb, BoS shields should not be level 1. At level 50, they still have a small enough capacity that you will recharge them nearly instantly, and still get the exploitable depletion bonuses as well as maintain capacity for CCC. But the way they are currently working is not intended, so be aware it is technically an exploit.

Hey man, I have been looking for the fire redistributer for a hot minute. I meant to send this morning before work but I slept in. I will send as soon as I get on this afternoon if that’s cool

Would you be interested in annointed its piss grenade or annointed bekah for big boom blaster or the redistributer with ase 100%

Just sent over the band of Sitorak for ya