The Upcoming character Patches will make the lore completion even Harder for me

El Dragon… dead.

Ghalt… gonna be a lot harder without the stun.

Benedict… no crits no fun, especially without compensation. Not even useful in pve anymore then.

Well could still use them now till the Patch is live, but I really hate playing PvP for Lore… even if I get it, it feels cheap. Wrong. Unsatisfying… cause I know I didn’t do as much as I would if I played to win.

And I generally favor PvE.

Hopefully the next big Patch will enable Lore Progress in Private Matches…



I seriously don’t understand so many of these “character balance” changes, whether upcoming or already made.

For me - El Dragon - mastered last weekend, thankfully.

Ghalt - need to kill 84 more Jennerits with his trap, no more stun, much less fun!

Benedict - just need to kill 3 more Battleborn while airborne then Mastered…

Are they making any changes to Attikus or Marquis?

I remember helping a friend get 12 crits on Rendain with Attikus and watching another kill 500 minions with Whiskey’s quick melee. Back in my day, it used to mean something to be a master of… Kids these days have it so easy


Well. getting master of anything doesn’t matter at all if you can get a few friends to farm it with you… Its just grindy.

Trust me, he doesn’t need them. All it really did was make skilled Benedicts literally unkillable, instead of just hard to kill.


500 black hole kills.

3 hours of flight time.

250 minions with Plasma dash.

And so many others that I spent ages getting before they made it easy. I felt like I wasted so much time when I saw some of the lore changes.


My favorite was watching a friend trying to get Alani’s. The 50 riptides was hard, but killing Ambra was impossible because this was when NO ONE played her post-nerf. Then when they buffed her and Alani just couldn’t kill Ambra, it was glorious to listen to his frustration.

To be fair, it’s still really hard to kill her


This guy gets it.

A good one, yes. A bad one…not so much. I’ve played against both and the bad ones scare me. :eyes:

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Yep unfortunately in every game there are those few players that are soo bad, that the only way to make it fair to fight them is to put down your controller and let them try to kill you.

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It’s a high priority for Jythri and he’s shared that it’ll take an overhaul of the way challenges work so it’ll take some time but he wants it done

I once had an Ambra… literally never place a Sunspot. Almost as bad as the Thorn who never used a skill. At least she had decent aim though (she just stood in the background and shot but still pulled like 30 to 40000 damage.) But this Ambra… it was truly scary. That means they’ve played this game a decent amount. Level 14 or such. How could you have not realized that!?!



Played a Capture (which we won) with a Miko who literally had zero healing.

Never healed a single team mate.

I’d be on the capture point with them, and they would just be throwing Kunai at or around me…

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CR14 is nothing. It took me half of the mission to begin understanding how Ambra works) And that was like a month ago. She is the only hero I had such issue with, all others are quite straightforward, maybe with a few tricks.

And PVP ruffle is not the best place to learn something very different from what you might have been used to.

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Well, I doubt that you got to her and just straight up never produced a susnpot. This is postbuff too

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