The Update 5/18/15 is RIDICULOUS

Borderlands 2 remains on screen tearing , the controller still vibrating… etc, etc

The Pre-Sequel… well… RIDICULOUS.

almost two months you waiting for this ?, are you kidding GBX ?.. pfffff


Well, the patch hits today, so make sure you get it downloaded and then if you find you’re still experiencing issues, update here and I’ll help get you sorted out.

El update de hoy no sirve PARA NADA, al menos en Borderlands 2, que sigue el TEARING y las caídas de frames, es horrible, hay fallos gráficos que antes del update no estaban, y el mando sigue vibrando, una vergüenza, no GBX, así no se hacen las cosas, 2 meses esperando para esto?.. ¿estáis de broma o qué?, ¿que habéis estado haciendo todo este tiempo?, ¿comiendo hamburguesas?, me habéis estafado este dinero con The Handsome Collection, pero nunca mas.

Have you done a hard reboot of your XB1? The patch worked awesome for me. Pre Sequel runs great now!!

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Pre-sequel runs A LOT BETTER but did take a graphical hit. Dont mind it thought rather it run SMOOTH then look a little worse. Good job Gearbox!

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Did they drop it to 900p to lock the V-Synch? Either way I will take a hit in res to get a steady smooth game.

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I believe so. Textures on walls and some floors are worse. Also SOME Shadowing is not there also. Not a big diffrence but the game runs as good as BL2 NOW.

Game still sticks at ‘sending character data to host’ when I try to join anyones game after patch. Only affects my high level character. I use to be able to host to get around this, now other people in my group are having the same problem. I couldn’t care less about cosmetic improvements, can we please get co-op to work? That’s why most of us bought this for.

Please add so we can disable vibration off on whole game not just fire gun vibration. Im not alone hates vibration. Pls add it.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Please continue to use this thread for post patch issues and feedback:

The update worked wonders for my game. I have no noticeable tearing and the frame rate is very stable. Sorry if yours isn’t working like you want.

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Joe king pls tell me if vibrations off option coming? can only turn vibration off on fire guns. Want whole game. Pls i begging cant enjoy awesome game with vibrations also battery runs out fast. I am not alone hate vibrations. Fix pls.

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I’ve passed it on to the team and they’ll be looking into. :smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: you talking to me right?

Game Runs SOOOOO much better. Gearbox did good.

Yes now i can sink my teeth into TPS i tried some of the super laggy areas and it runs great now ty so much for the patch gearbox!

I was never prompted to download the patch. Anyone else having this problem?

If you use INSTANT ON on your XB1 then you already have the patch.