The Use of Credits

I’m here to discuss credits because to me I feel like they’re kinda useless. I’m currently sitting on just over 500k credits, and I’ve seen people with more than 1 million credits. So I’m gonna suggest a few things we could spend these on, and I guess people can debate what I say and maybe suggest some things of your own :slight_smile:

  1. Buying PvE Legendaries - Farming legendaries can be a real drag. The missions take at least 30 minutes just to get to the last boss, and the drop rates appear to be pretty low anyway. Walrus told me a story of a guy who farmed the Sabotuer during Lootpocalypse about 30 times and still didn’t get what he needed.
    One huge reason I think we should have this is because of Bots Battle. PvE players complained that they couldn’t do lore since they didn’t enjoy PvP. Well some PvP players don’t enjoy PvE, so I think this is kinda fair!

  2. Being able to convert Legendaries - I get so many duplicates and sell them for 250 credits. What we could do is pay credits to convert our duplicates into a different legendary from the same loot pool. For example, I get the Heliophagic Goggles from Rendain but want Vosf, I could pay to convert my legendary and now I have Vosf.

  3. Put Legendary loot packs in store permanently - For 15k I’ll pay to get a guaranteed Legandary. My only problem with these packs are still getting so many duplicates, maybe an increased loot pool, putting PvE legendaries into the pool?

  4. Skins and Taunts - This one is a bit of a stretch since it’s Gearbox’s source of income, but I’d happily pay 100k+ for a skin or taunt. It’s not very likely to happen though.

The current loot packs are good for white-purple but I have pretty much all the gear I need other than Legendaries.

Feel free to discuss and offer any other ideads, thanks :slight_smile:



This thread definitely exists!



That may have been me, farmed for Boots of the Brute FOREVER! Finally got a pair, .01% off a perfect roll, OCD says no! So, how about a reforge system? Pay to reroll the stats rather than having to farm again if you get a min roll, or even just pay a large amount for a guaranteed max roll, or both?


I dont agree with 1.
Pvp gives more credits than pve, it would totally destroy it but with the insane amount of credits is easy to but legendary packs if they are in store.

@Slif_One yes yes yes to pay for a reroll stats @Ashbweh numer two could be a mix of reroll legendary from the same type, reroll your heliophage goggles for other critical hit legendary or maybe paymore to reroll the type too.

Yes but if people don’t enjoy PvE, how could they get the legendaries? I thought the comparison with PvE players getting Bots Battle was a good one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes very good idea, upgrading it to a max roll would be very nice!

Well pvp gives more cresits, specially after the buff. We could buy legendary packs.

I got 229 credits for 5 mins pvp… I get that amount for 30 mins pve.

Ps: it actually is a good comparision.

PvE boss legendaries aren’t in the legendary pack loot pool are they?

Ugh yes they are… I got the stupid geoff legendary as my first legendary… Spider web something.

Are they all in the loot pool though? Even then, the drop rates are still probably awful and you’re rarely going to get the one you want, I’d rather pay 100k+ for a specific legendary i need than 15k for a small chance of getting it.

I think you should be able to buy anything in the marketplace with credits. I really don’t appreciate a marketplace in a premium game; they should only be in F2P games.

Thats the idea of reroll stats, faction, type.

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For some… It feels good to open packs, is like gambling without spend real money.

Edit: personally i hate it… It takes a lot of time to buy and open packs.

But you forget that on missions you can find many other items and sometimes loot packs. (DLC even more). If you get a skin or taunt from a DLC mission reward, you already get 500-1000 extra credits. Good luck getting that amount in PvP. PvE is still the best way to get credits. Sell all the duplicate legendaries (another +250 credits (on Algorithm on a good run you can get 3-4 Legendaries)), all duplicate skins/taunts and you will have this building fairly quickly.


+Take into account that you have to wait for the PvP matches. While doing PvE on solo you can just jump into a game whenever you want. Even tho you can complete some PvP games in 4-5 minutes (and mostly vs noobs or bots on capture), but you have to wait for x amount of minutes before it even starts (vs real people). (Heh PC players can wait for hours! for that 5 minute match).

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Well im on ps4 we get a good mm in pick hrs. So not much waiting, in pve there is the rng jisus to get a couple of boss legendaries.

After the credits buff, im not so sure if pve is the best to make fast credits. Also my bank is full, is a pain to sell gear.

Why am i such a hoarder…


I love this. I don’t use legendaries but I have quite a few epics that I’d love to use but I can’t quite get myself to rationalize spending on an epic piece for it to not be max roll. I’d gladly spend my credits to re roll them

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I support this thread:


Just open 518 core packs amirite :slight_smile: