The value in a "Defensive Action Button"

First a forethought as to possible reactions;

This is purely a tactical and action modification to the game for the sake of adding dimension to it. It isn’t so much a flat critique as it is a chance for further development.

I am not implying that it should be retroactively added to Borderlands 2 or TPS (and obviously not the original), or that is wholly necessary for the perpetuation of the series, but it does have it’s merits.

The concept;

I do love Melee characters. Always have and always will. Brick’s fists and Krieg’s buzzaxe glow orange in my eyes. That being said; after a recent stint in certain melee based games, I found it annoying that I am forced to sit idly by as certain opponents wind up a slow and generic gun butt against me, a melded mass of metal and flesh with an arm the size of an elk.

I would like the ability to block incoming melee attacks by way of a deflection. It could be a timed deflection, more than a “hit triangle to turn in to impervious rock” button.

In a way, Athena’s action skill is that, but to a greater degree and selective to a character. This button could have other functions, such as using platforms for cover, dodging slower projectiles (i.e. rockets) and whatever else one could think of.

So I figured I’d put this out as a proposition and see if it would be well received. Sure, this may just be the VERY biased opinion of a melee aficionado, but it would definitely add some dynamism in the game. The intro sequence to BL2 showing characters dodging out of the way of fire and actively interactive with the environment would be a bit truer in this way.



I’ve said many times I’d like the “crouch” to double as a “dodge roll” when hit while moving side-ways. A decent block would also be a nice addition. And I agree - it shouldn’t be an instant “invincible” button, but hitting it at the right time should matter.

Very well put VaultHunter101.

It should be something that takes skill to execute.

I’ve maybe played 2 minutes of Demon Souls, but I do remember their parry system.

A block animation for certain types of enemies would make the game so aesthetically pleasing, and it is isn’t a difficult animation to work out.

Jamming the head of a Spiderant, or smacking away the mouth of a Skag. Using your melee weapon to deflect a gun.

To reward you, perhaps the enemy can be temporarily stunned.

I vote yes to this whole topic.

I dont know about a block mechanic, but a roll dodge would be nice. Hell, even the Scavs/Bandits do it!

I feel as though opting for a block mechanic instead of a roll/dodge mechanic when dealing with a melee would prevent that sequence in many video games where a character awkwardly cartwheels around the opposition and sporadically attacks every blue moon.

I can think of a few well received games where I’d just jump headlong around enemies in an attempt to employ the same battle tactics as an armadillo.

I don’t think the dodge-roll would be so bad if it was limited to sideways movement - you’d be unable to roll under an incoming attack and immediately follow through with an upper cut. If it also had a cool-down, you’d have to use it wisely. A block if you’re stationary or moving forwards, roll if going sideways, could make for an interesting.

I like that. That is exactly what I was envisioning. Also, it could be unique to the character.

I.E. Brick would excel in blocking, but would only be able to strafe for a dodge.

Like the block mechanic in Rebellion’s Aliens vs Predator game (2010, I think)? There were light and heavy attacks; if you countered properly, you “won” a window for a quick riposte. If you countered improperly, well, you got smacked. I never got that timing down myself, but something along those lines?

I’m not familiar with that mechanic.

I was thinking of a “parry” mechanic. Essentially the character does a timed animation which lasts roughly 1 second. If you absorb the attack during that time, an animation is shown which stuns the opponent for a brief moment.

For Skags it would be having their head smacked to the left. Spiderants would be stomped on. Stalkers would be swatted away. Human opponents would have their pistol-whip stopped and lose their balance.

Essentiallly, it would act like any other stun animation.

It could even become a mechanic in the game itself, i.e. attacks done afterward cause more damage, but missing it opens you up to more.

I think having a block/dodge mechanic (especially for melee characters) is a good idea.