The Variable damage of Critical Hits

Okay, so I’m not sure how many people have noticed this, but different enemies take different amounts of damage from critical hits, and I’m not just talking like ‘well they have more or less defense than one another’ or something, but let me note down some of the ones I’ve recorded and maybe you all can add ones you’ve noticed as well.

Thralls seem to take universally x3 damage from being critical hit. Notable bonus: Thrall Brutes have a critical hit point in their head and their backpack!

Lesser Varelsi die in one critical hit reliably, which is fair considering they’re just small writhing masses of darkness with a critical hitpoint being their tiny white heads.

Miko, for as large as its giant mushroom of a head is, doesn’t seem to take less than even x2 damage, though I haven’t had the best chance to read the numbers mid battle yet, I think it’s 1.5 though.

The large minions, the ‘defenders’ or whatever that you sometimes find in story missions, have their weakpoint in the ‘exhaust’ in the back, as well as the two dorky antennas. Normal Minions are the little glowy light in their face, while the other more humanoid ones are still the head.

Anyone else notice any odd critical hit damage scales? Maybe a semi obscure critical hit point that might make other peoples lives easier?