The Vault Hunters - Rate from Moral to Evil

Ok, I know NONE of tje Vault Hunters are “good” in any sense of tne word, but i do feel that some are more moral and have a higher sense of ethics than others.

Across all three titles, please rate the Vault Hunters in order of most moral to most evil.

Thank you.

Should Krieg be counted twice? Once for his inner voice and once for his physical body?

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Those ate the kind of questions i want to hear buddy!

  1. Claptrap (not counting INAC)
  2. Krieg’s inner voice
  3. Roland
  4. Maya
  5. Timothy
  6. Lilith
  7. Athena
  8. Mordecai
  9. Brick
  10. Axton
  11. Gaige
  12. Aurelia
  13. Zer0
  14. Wilhelm
  15. Nisha

Salvador and Krieg’s physical body are in a weird grey area for me. Salvador is dumber than a sack of hammers, and Krieg’s physical body is legitimately insane. I’m just going to kind of leave them out. Also, the only reason I rate Athena so is because in the Knoxx DLC, she had a strong moral compass, but in TPS and TftBL it’s not even there.


Claptrap and Roland feel the purest out of the good guys.

Nisha is the only one who feels legitimately evil to the core.

Double post.

1=evil psychopath
10=second coming of christ

Lilith 6
All those bad guys she liquefies and laughs off, a bit too emotional. But, Protector of Sanctuary.

Mordecai 7
mindlessly hates all “hyperion scumbags”, but is a pretty chill dude. Stepped up well in bl2

Brick 3
Kills his own men for sport, 'nuff said. Gets 3 points for happening to be with the crimson raiders

Roland 5.5
No empathy, inhuman. Just listen to him briefing the vault hunters on what amounts to a suicide mission. Blind to everything but killing hyperion. It was cool of him to rally the crimson lance though, and he had the sense to leave atlas.

Salvador 6
Enjoys killing a little too much, does it for right reasons, protects his family and village

Zero 4
Seemingly doesn’t care who he kills as long as it’s a challenge. This seems to be behind him now though.

Maya 8.5
Had the courage and moral compass to question her brainwashing masters. Heals the team, sees the good even in bad guys (Krieg), isn’t a maniac like Sal

Axton 7
Like mordy, a chill dude. Only knows killing, kinda hedonistic, but hey, it’s an FPS

Gaige 7
Gets a little megalomaniacal. Seems to put “smashing the system” further in importance than actual common sense, but mostly does things for the right reasons. Just wants to invent cool stuff.

Krieg 5.1
Average of 10 and 0, innocent local and FANTASTIC BLOOD BOY. Gets and extra .1 because he can still distinguish between good and evil

Claptrap 10
He’s just clumsy and annoying, literally programmed to be selfless. He didn’t even ask to be on Pandora, everyone else arrived driven by greed basically.

Athena 5
Only knows killing, survivor at almost any cost. Not her fault entirely but still. Should have stood up to Jack earlier, plenty of crimson lancemen found their way to Sanctuary, she didn’t.

Wilhelm 2
Does anything for his goals, no empathy, selfish. Literally gave up humanity to be a killing machine.

Nisha 3
Has severe mental issues, but at least she has a code, even if it’s warped as hell. In another life she could’ve been with the crimson raiders, hence she gets the same rank as Brick

Timothy 2.5
Has feelings of remorse, but soon completely ignores them. Knowing something is wrong, and doing it anyway is worse than crazies like Krieg or Brick, worse even than Nisha, who thinks she’s right. Then again, he does have a bomb in his face, hard to tell. Maybe he’s just too stupid to read fine print, not evil.

Aurelia 4
Similar to zer0, doesn’t care as long as it’s fun. Joins the crimson raiders at the end though.


most evil:

Nisha. Puppy stangling, Nuff said.

Brick. Shep Sanders says “hi”. or he would if brick hadn’t crushed his skull.

Salvador: Brick in miniature.

Krieg. While savage indiscriminate axe murder is never a good thing, the inner voice makes him have some morals. such as, “kill the bigger one thats attacking you first”

Aurelia: Yes, she shows moral qualms about killing the scientists and stuff, but you must remember that her idea of a good time is finding a new and rare exotic species, and making it extinct.

Lilith. Sort of the grey area here, but she liquifies people.

Zer0: Kills people for fun, but generally gives them a chance. not that that matters when you are fighting Zer0

Wilhelm: No personality. but he is presented as a bad guy, so, eh.

Gaige: Invented a killbot and has a god complex.

Axton: Dunno, seeks glory over actually doing what he should? i never played axton much.

Claptrap: No free will, so he is right on the point between good and evil

Mordecai: Nice guy, but has a bird murder people into little bits.

Timothy/Jack: Knows what he is doing is wrong, and is only doing it because of a bomb in his face (Probably)

Maya: Only people she killed in her backstory sort of had it coming, as apposed to others who where simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. that place being in front of salvador, that time being when he was bored.

Athena: Really one of the only people shown as properly moral, though that guy from atlas she cut in half says otherwise.

Roland: He’s roland. Nuff said.

Most good.

I feel there’s no real quantitative scale for this kind of stuff, but I’ll bite.

With 1 being Looney Toons and 10 being Claptrap here we go.

Aurelia and Zer0 are basically Vault Hunters for the same reason, to kill bigger and bigger things. I feel their sanity per se would be on par, with the only difference being Aurelia’s flamboyance in comparison to Zer0’s reservedness. But they’re fairly civil nonetheless Let’s go with a 7 as more of a baseline.

Mordecai and Axton, similarly, are comparable in the sense that they do what they do so people know that they did it. With axton getting kicked from Dahl for being a glory seeker, potentially endangering his entire platoon for selfish reasons. Which gives him some frowny face stickers. Mordy gets some bonus points for stepping up for the raiders when they needed it most, with one of his only outbursts being completely justified. Also Axton has some creepy attachment issues that manifest in his turret. Axton 6 Mordy 8

Roland is probably the most moral VH on the list (barring clappy who is too stupid to do anything legitimately malicious on purpose). His story (not including TPS right now) is that he didn’t believe in the what Atlas was fighting for so he went Awol in efforts to stop them, then helped rally his former comrades after the collapse to combat a greater evil. However, in TPS he willingly allows Jack to do some messed up stuff, granted that he was only doing so to prevent him from doing something even more messed up, so 8.

I have no idea why people are so defensive of Lilith, she’s an emotional trainwreck. Sure she’s normal half the time, but the other half she’s doing extremely reckless revenge like ■■■■. Sure there’s crazier, but she’s definitely not in control there, so 5.

Maya is like legitimately chill. Other than the standard murder everyone affairs that all the other VH’s do, she’s level headed and moral. I’m willing to send a 9 her way just because you can’t really compete with the mindless morality that the Trashcan puts forward.

Brick and Salvador… both insane bloodlusting psycopaths, but at Least Sal kinda has a reason for going super ham vs Hyperion, and Brick has a teddy bear side for Tina. idk let’s give Brick a 3 and Sal a 2, just because a roided-up Pandoran seems less stable than a Brick.

By Definition, Krieg the Psycho should be our Looney Tunes base mark. I wanna separate him for the sake of there is a sane inner voice that’s still kinda there, that would probably be an 8. but Krieg himself is a 1.

Gaige is trying too hard to be all Anarchy and w/e, i Actually don’t think she’s too insane barring her teen darma and disregard for herself (Didn’t she cut off her own arm?) . Let’s say she’s a 6.

Timothy is an interesting one, you can tell he clearly doesn’t want to do anything that he’s doing, but in his desparation he got tricked into a bum deal where he’s under constant surveillance to “stay in character”. So I think he’s a 7.

Willhelm is bonkers, half the time, his self description is “I’m really good at killing people, I wanna be a robot”. he’s very simple with his goals: Kill People, Get Money, Buy More Robot Parts. This itself is a fairly insane goal, but its so straightforward that there has to be some lucidity there. 4

Nisha comes from a troubled childhood so it’s somewhat understandable that she’s messed up. She kills bandits for the sake of killing them. I’ll shoot a 5 her way. Just because she’s somewhat lucid in her actions.

Claptrap, 10, he’s stupid, he’s bad at everything he does, but he means well. Barring the things he did when he was hacked via satellite, he’s been pretty chill.

Edit: Missed Athena, she’s a mercenary through and through, no moral compass, just fight for whoever’s paying her. Giving her a 5 just because she’s takes the morality of whoever pays her, as long as they aren’t trying to kill her. Drawing Parallels to Lilith because unlike her, she doesn’t have extreme bursts of morality or psychosis, but rather a more stable bloodthirst.

That was just me trying to find a good organization for them (since you responded to me).

As for Lilith, yes she is unstable, but she has a genuine care for others, particularly civilians and innocents. See when Jack airlocked those scientists, she was genuinely pissed at Jack; or look at the Firehawk chain, she was worried that the cult was hurting civilians. It’s just that TPS is the first time we were on the side of somebody she didn’t like. But, her craziness is why she’s not too high. She’s 2nd to last of my “moral” 7. Everyone under Athena isn’t the best morally.



Dr. Ted- 10000 (He is in all 3, he is everywhere at once.)














Wilhelm- 3


From most Moral being 1. and least Moral being 15.

  1. Claptrap, he is literally more scared of other’s people loneliness than his own, he even started a revolution for his people, and to be honest, practically everyone he killed deserved it, I mean A CLAPTRAP WAS ■■■■■ in Borderlands 1, I mean wtf. Also EVERYONE is a douchebag to him, his idle quotes on TPS make you feel sad because he talks about how the original 4 vault hunters just left him.

  2. Timothy, he was basically forced into the situation of TPS, like Claptrap. Though a few of his lines express enthusiasm for killing like other vault hunters, quite a few also express distaste.

  3. Maya, heals the team, doesn’t yell like a maniac over a kill, could see the good in Krieg, questioned her own beliefs for the good of others, yeah.

  4. Krieg, he is legitimately insane, but the thing is he ACKNOWLEDGES he is a monster instead of denying and saying he is a hero. Also his former self seems pretty cool, though he does sometimes enjoy the bloodshed on the “deserving”

  5. Gaige, how could you be more innocent than a school girl? That out of the way, she killed Marcy on accident and even has remorse of it. Came to Pandora just to escape the law, not to find loot and become famous.

  6. Roland, though the only time he ever talks is when he is fighting and enjoys killing (Like almost everyone else), he doesn’t really believe in killing regular bandits or others too brutally and is always reserved. Though in TPS, considering he tried to blow up Claptrap, that seemed kind of low.

  7. Athena, she does have mercy and expressed distaste for when Jack shot Claptrap (OMG, SOMEONE WHO PITIED CLAPTRAP IN BORDERLANDS?!?!?). But in seriousness, she most likely become hardened because of her sister’s death, also she went a little overkill on Knoxx cause Knoxx was already borderlines suicidal.

  8. Mordecai, he is pretty calm excluding his rage against Hyperion. Besides the whole “I’M GONNA KILL YOU JACK” and vendetta stuff over Bloodwing, he does have a loving side, shown by how he quit drinking and constantly tended to Bloodwing/Talon.

  9. Lilith, after TPS, I kind of hate her like a lot of other people. Like Roland, she was apart of betrayal thing, she was also the reason Jack became Handsome. Also tried to execute Athena, trying to blame her for Roland’s death. Also when Shadow Trap speaks through the Lilith hologram, those lines specifically talk about villainy. There is also the fact she sleeps in a den with a ton of corpses and her reactions to Claptrap in the Claptastic Voyage were kind of cruel.

  10. Axton, kills for money and fame, but unlike Wilhelm, he has a conscience and had a dark past with his wife.

  11. Zer0, sliced a guy’s head off for the “challenge”, would do anything for a good “challenge”.

  12. Salvador, he tried to defend his Grandma at least, but apparently he indulges in cannibalism and sort of spared a hyperion soldier by breaking almost all of his limbs? However he crazy and shoots things, so yeah.

  13. Like Salvador, but even more brutal and insane. Believes in torturing random Hyperion personal just to avenge his puppy skag thing. At least has a good side for his dogs and Tina.

  14. Wilhelm, kills for money and sacrificed his humanity to become a killing machine. Though he does mention he had trouble with girls, so I felt a bit bad for him in that sense.

  15. Aurelia, kills for fun and is a grade A douchebag, no wonder Hammerlock doesn’t want to be near her. Also has little care for the environment and little morality.

  16. Nisha, likes dealing AND receiving pain, I mean, what? Her morality is so low, I can’t even begin to describe, but bad childhood? Also killed Brick’s dog, causing him to become even more insane.

To be honest, all the vault hunters are horrible people who enjoy killing. Just a few like Claptrap and Timothy were basically forced to. I like how Roland talks the most when he is mowing people down with his turret and killing bandits, I mean seriously, in Borderlands 1 he only opened up when he was putting bullets in people’s heads.

I find Wilhelm just dense or unintelligent, not exactly bonkers (or yet at least), I believe he went legitimately insane when he got more robotic.

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Excellent post(s), thanks!

One question:

BL1 Clappy ■■■■■?!?

What? When? I just played the crap out of BL1/DLCs and dont recall that!

The Old Haven Clappy was ■■■■■ by Lance soldiers who were desperate to f*ck something. If you read the mission text it says that. But it’s not the same yellow Clappy we all know and love/hate.

Oh god get it out of my head.

Quick! Get Dr. Ted to beat you with a hammer until you forget!

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“I wanna be a robot” - Not exactly a sane thought

Here’s the mission text when you rescue the Old Haven Claptrap:

“Funny, how just when you think life can’t possibly get any worse it suddenly does. I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed. A guy finally gets a break from all the shooting and ■■■■■■. Oh yes, these are desperate men. Just when he’s having a rest, you come along and repair him. I suppose you want a reward for exposing me to more of this torturous existence.”

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I think he means all the shooting and ■■■■■■ the Crimson Lance were doing to the Citizens of Old Haven & surrounding areas that they had exposed Clappy to…