The View From Captain Chef's Window

Well, not actually - it’s the view from Neil Armstrong’s window. Still, looks a lot like Elpis (minus the lava and kraggons) - so no more complaints about the lack of colour on Elpis, please! More info:


Just found the real pic they shot that day!


Needs to be slightly bluer for it to be Elpis.

also, nothing says a moon has to be arid and plant-life less.

Exactly, just look at the forest moon of Endor….

Well, except for a lack of atmosphere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Elpis has plenty of atmosphere - just look at the wisps from the gas, the purple haze, the jagged peaks and lava flows. Just not the, you know, breathable kind!

i get the impression that elpis is a shield world, either made or converted and the leaking O2 comes from the vault area. it seems to have a very thin atmo which is why (IMO) we have the kind of O2 kit we do and why we can run around in “street clothes” and not a space suit. tho im not to sure of where the lava is coming from, considering we dont seem to travel down to far when we go from Vorago to Tycho’s, due to the fact we drop down a very long distance at the end of Tycho’s into the center of Elpis to get to the Vault. And when we drop in on the platfrom it seems to cause enuf friction with the internal atmo that flames come offa the platform. awesome cutscene. Hollow Elpis Theory!

I was thinking the same thing, there’s no way you would have all that embty space without being a shield world a-la Halo (4? Never played that one.)

Either that, or the Vault Hunters were transported into an alternate dimension at the end of Tycho’s Ribs…

Shield world makes more sense though.

i hated jacks response “How much of elpis is hollow? Do i even care?” dude how can you not care? exactly like Halo’s shield worlds. it seems there is a fair amount of halo references. the skipper/felicity is kinda like cortana among others. tho i dont get how we can put Skiplicity into a computer over and over with out retrieving her…