The visual fustercluck is just too much with Alani added

Title. Now that literally every match has one Alani per team, the battlefield became even more of a incomprehensible fustercluck because of constant waves and geysers everywhere. Not most, but ALL of the time I can’t even tell if that’s a friendly geyser/wave or not, which usually results in dying because I either missed a heal or walked into a trap.

So here’s a suggestion - give enemy skills hues that match the outlines. Y’know, friendly waves/pillars/mortars become green, enemy - red, etc.


I don’t play much PVP as of yet, but I suppose that could be a huge problem.

Healing getsers and riptides are already green but the enemy one is too :frowning:

Like it wasn’t visually insane before her? Personally I like that though. But yeah great point of distinguishing enemy attacks vs allies

No other BBorn can spam skills like Alani, though.

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I’ve got Alani maxed and really enjoy her but needed to play as Thorn last night…
With Alani tossing water everywhere I couldn’t get one ranged shot in.
I’m not complaining, just saying I understand.

I have no issue with thorn even with everything going on bc most Alani now pick wave heal but this visibility is an issue nonetheless esp since its FP

Try being a melee with the graphical overloads and FP perspective.

Ranged have it easy haha. Half the time after I charge in and knockup with El Dragon I’m like “where the hell did they go???” as I panically swing around my camera looking at where they ended up.


Make enemy waves/geysers(abilities) red and allies abilities same color as they are now. Gets frustrating trying to heal an ally in the middle of a fight with my wave but they move out of the way because they think it’s an enemies.


CONFIRM!!! Playing as Kelvin I found that the worst. The enemies would just disappear from view.

The water changes color. For me friendly is tinted green while enemy is strait up blue. I don’t really feel the visuals are an issue. I’ve played games long enough I have gained what I call “Gamer Vision”. I can agree it can be hard to keep track of an enemy at times, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. You can use that to your advantage as well.

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It’s visual overload as ranged. It’s a visual nightmare for melee. Diablo 3 has some nice options to adjust for party spell effects. This game needs something like that.

Toning down visual effects should be an option. I personally like the mess as it adds to the skill level required to successfully analyse the battlefield so I wouldn’t change it, but I support the idea of giving us an option. As for Alani, they definitely need to make a bigger visual effect difference between friendly and enemy skills. As @Jordangold527 said, the water does change colour, but not as much as it should change imo. The amount of times I’ve died by having to stop for half a second and double check the subtle difference in water colour is pretty redonks :worried:


Speaking of color issues, Alani’s light blue geyser circle might as well not be there on snowy levels.

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Orendi is very spammy. But i agree not many are.

This. So this.

haha you guys though kelvin and el dragon have it bad, Trying using U WOT!? Attikus and you will literally be saying that all game U WOT?! where the fk are they? cause it’s so bad it becomes hilarious with alani the knock up snare and knock back riptide just get even more out of control as if orendi OM, arrow+bombs, and ducking owls in time distortions wasn’t enough :open_mouth:

As far as I know, the water does NOT change for team color.
If Alani chooses the healing Riptide, it will be green-ish, if she chose the healing Geyser, the Geyser will be green-ish.

If both enemy Alani and ally Alani chose the healing Riptide, then they will both have a green Riptide.

Even playing Alani myself, I’ve stood in the enemy ult because we threw it on about the same spot. At least enemy Alani made the same mistake. XD

So, to sum up, we all agree that there need to be more coloured hues to suggest which power belongs to which team? And that perhaps that’s something that they need to do a pass for in an upcoming patch to make sure it applies to all abilities?

And perhaps have more options to be able to tone down the visual spam in order to be able to get more valuable information?

I’ve been following this with interest. I actually like the crazy spam of Battleborn as an aesthetic because it reminds me of video games of yore, though I get why others may not like it.


I like that there is a lot going on on my screen, but I only need the game to show indications for the skills Alani uses. I mean, I’ve heard my allies scream “WATCH OUT! Alani ult!” so many times when I had to reply "Guys, easy, it’s mine. T_T"
Most other skills and attacks are pretty obvious, but Alani’s totally aren’t.

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