The Vladdoff etech rifle, it's pretty good

isn’t it? Do ppl badmouth this etech rifle?

I got the fire version and I was using it to tear through Digistruct Peak with Axton.

I’m sure if I found a corrosive version it would be excellent for Hyperion Slaughter also, with Axton.

Do y’all like this weapon?


Got you moved to the right section.

In my case, I just use whatever I have. I’ve never really sat down and looked at things like the different manufacturers for the e-tech snipers. The biggest issue with e-tech snipers as a class is that they have both the type A (good) and type C (bad) critical damage modifiers. So if you have an e-tech and regular sniper (not Jakobs though) of equal base damage, the e-tech will have the lower critical hit damage.

I certainly use them while levelling up when I need an elemental sniper, but end-game there’s almost always something that will do a better job if I’m going for critical hits.


? It’s not a sniper dude, it’s an etech blaster assault rifle


Maybe make that clear in your original post, as it is ambigious.

The Vladof E-tech AR’s are probably the best E-tech AR’s around. I wouldn’t say the opinion is that their bad, rather that no one (at least that I know of) enjoys using them enough for anyone to hear about them.


Gah! Read “rifle” and just assumed you meant “sniper rifle”. Yes, Vladof Blasters are cool.


The etech Blaster is ok, but it just doesn’t have enough stopping power at OP8 I’ve found and it’s really ammo inefficient…at lower levels I enjoy using them


I suppose I should have said blaster etech assault rifle yeah

Luke (Man Of Low Moral Fiber) said it was a bad gun, he was using it with Zero. I left a comment on his video if he had been Axton he would have seen that rifle was very, very good.

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They also have the negative Crit bonus like all etechs. 50% to be exact.

They are great in Sal’s hands, and I assume they should work well with Gaige and Krieg as well. No point in using them with Zero or Maya as the Crit penalty would cripple them.

They are all around good rifles but they have significant downsides that simply make other guns better overall for endgame.

Nothing wrong with using those IMO :smile:
Just watch your ammo count.


idk. I was thinking Sniper too but your post was clear.
Maybe because we’re use to … blast it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
They’re fine. I use them on occasion while leveling. Usually mean I don’t really have a choice thou. Better than nothing. When people ask about “best manufacturer”. I go for Vladof. They make bad things goods. Fire rate is king. Of the few “Blasters” I’ve enjoyed it was mostly Vladof with some DAHL inserts.

I love MoLMF. But Luke , just like me, says a lot of things. Just like an old friend. You know what they like… or not. :wink:
It’s often a good situational gun. It’s great at doing this at that moment. Just like a Veruc is absolutely devastating in Washburne Refinery but not a great gun. Not something he’s a big fan of. and that’s perfectly alright.


Remember that MoLMF’s tests are done at OP8 and as ChemicalConundrum mentioned, they don’t work very well at that level.

So in summary : Vladof blasters are great up to the low OP levels (say OP3-ish). And second, take everything Luke says with a grain of salt.


And he said great things about the corrosive Veruc in Washburne. Which is the base for DAHL E-Tech AR. Back before the UCP.


I like those Valdof blasters. Perhaps not exactly top gear material but I like 'em while leveling up if I come across one, and if ammo isn’t too much of an issue (good for gunzerking). (And they’re much better than the horrible Bandit AR you’re given if you want to complete X-Com-municate, if you have nothing else that’ll count for bandit kills…)


I feel like they’re top tier etech assault rifles, but I also kinda feel like that’s a low bar already. Like most everyone else already said, I use them when I don’t have a better option available. A corrosive one killed lots of surveyors for me unlocking OP2 with Krieg, but definitely wasn’t effective enough when I tried to use them after that. Plus, like most Vladof guns with the exception of launchers, I find them too ammo hungry for my frugal tastes most of the time.


Vladof make excellent mobbing guns and parts. Where ammo are more than plenty. But their lack of “stopping power” can seriously hurt you. On the very few occasions I ended up with lack of ammo. Half of them were with the mighty Lyuda.


The internet is for two things. Porn ( great song from Avenue Q, “The Internet is for Porn”, check it out), and opinions. Very little you find on YouTube traffics in objective facts, although you can find them there if you have some patience. (The opinion presented here is not representative of the forum on which you read it, and is in no way intended to be interpreted as fact.)

See above comment. Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has them, and their beauty is subjective at best. :smirk: (forgive the crass nature of that simile, I just feel it is effective and accurate.)

FTFY, or at least aligned it completely with my opinion. Once again we agree. I’m sensing a pattern here. :wink:

@DeputyChuck is my spirit forum member. Everything he posts resonates in my degenerate hippie soul. :joy: :rofl:

As far as I am concerned:
I’m not sure there are any guns that flat out don’t kill anything. I said it in another thread, once you identify the weakness you have three choices: 1) build around it. 2) practice until the shortcoming is no longer an impediment. 3) use a different piece of gear. No matter which choice you make Pandora will reward your due diligence.

TL;DR Vladof etech Blasters are pretty good, so what @IceCat763 said in the OP is fairly accurate IMO.


Here’s the necro. I was going to post about this anyway and this is semi recent so why not? While searching for a bekah on op8 I found a shock variant last night. Its parts are… Not good. Bandit stock and Jakobs grip. And I thought… Might this hold me over until I find my bekah? Does it suck?Well, it does not. Even at op8. With those parts.No it’s not the bekah. But it gets the job done. (I’m playing Maya using derches twisted pimp build) That job being killing enemies resistant to fire or corrosive or heavily shielded at medium range. While saving ammo for other weapons. It’s very niche. But it works well with chain reaction, foresight and wreck. it’s about on par with a non elemental bitch for mobbing, which is impressive. It doesn’t crit well, but with that fire rate, it kills quickly.

So next time you see one give it another look. Try it out for yourself, and keep in mind that it consumes a lot of ammo so it’s more of a situational weapon.


hey! Thanks for the necro! It lets me add here that if I found a shock version of one of these babies I’m betting it would be SICK in Gaige’s hands!

Dang, I do like this gun


Does the ricochet enhance close enough?

I don’t know I don’t even use Close Enough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d use either accuracy or shock buff mod and aim down the sights alot, I’m betting it’d be strong enough to tear it up