The VOIDS EDGE - Warning Kleese's

Just thought i’d post this to warn you of a pretty stupid thing that can happen.

At the end of the mission when your fighting the Varelsi boss, DO NOT stick up any nodes next to the boss until AFTER you have been transported to the void part.

If you do, there is a good chance the boss takes enough damage to start another bubble of doom phase, and when you leave the VOID you will be insta-killed.

It sucks, and it shouldn’t happen, but alas anything left in the normal map still goes on working. What should happen is, when you go to the VOID anything on the map should be wiped out.

Well that would ruin the fact that if your underground with galilea when your supposed to enter void that you don’t ever go anywhere and can just keep fighting a boss that doesn’t do anything lol

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When doing the Deande glitch, it took my clone and not me. I just kept going lol.