The VR quest optional task is rather pointless

Because the optional dialogue in Bl3 is more dynamic than in previous games it dawned on me that the outcome for this quest might be different if you don’t collect the memory fragments, given that Vaughn specifically tells you Vic needs them to remember who she is.

But the outcome and dialogue is exactly the same, no matter what. You also always get the sniper rifle, which is rather odd given that alot of uniques come from the optional objectives.

This is rather surprising to me considering there are quests like The Feeble and the Furious which has 2 additional “secret” outcomes:

  • If you bring Pa home Lizzie is angry.

  • If you kill him right on the spot the quest ends immidiately and Lizzie is happy.

  • If you do all errands but kill him before turning in the quest, she’s happy he is gone but annoyed that you still did them all for him.

Just wanted to write this down.


It felt to me like there would be a few quests like that - but ends up just being a one off and a wierd one at that.

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Yes it’s really a "“special” one isn’t it :laughing:

  • The fact you have to run through the Broadcast Center and start the quest then run back to the entrance, then re-run the whole thing and finally return to the start once again.

  • The aggreviating VR filter

  • Enough stuff to start a “New-U canon” 2.0 debate

  • and the above

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Now that I know about Pa, I’m going to enjoy this.

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Just for the record, Borderlands is not real. The whole thing is taking place in a VR simulation.

And yes, Pa will die the next time I do that quest. We are the heroes of the story after all.

That wouldn’t be a surprise twist if the next game claimed 3 was a bad simulation. It would be pretty funny if UVHM was Tannis trying to recreated the VH’s as combat AI’s, maybe even a built-in one life mode.

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on a side note, that Beta test mission on Nekrotafeyo was genius and hilarious.

Especially the micro transaction :joy::joy:

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I absolutely love how he scolds you for expecting a reward, after you collect all 100 energy spheres yourself. His comments if you refuse to pay are also pretty hilarious.