The wait time is still ridiculous

Isn’t amazing how I just sat in a lobby waiting to find a game for 15 min play one game then get kicked out for failure to authenticate then have to struggle for 6 min to get back into the game this is getting totallyour out of hand it’s making me wanna say for this game and go buy something else to play

It would help if you said what mode and platform you’re playing on. On PC with either Incursion or Meltdown I’ve yet to wait more than ~2 minutes since the last few updates.

I’m playing on the ps4 meltdown

Try another mode? I for one look forward to the return of the All Modes queue, but until then y’just have to make do I’m afraid. They are still working on finding a fix. Gearbox are one of the few devs I’ve encountered that are still taking an active part in listening to the community’s concerns and trying to address them.

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If the queue goes for more than 10 minutes I usually back out and requeue and that usually fixes it.
I think some instances fail for some reason.


Ten minutes? You have more patience than I. I requeue after about three minutes and that usually fixes it.

Ha ha, yeah.
I usually do as well but the last matchmaking setup got me used to queuing skill based and going off to go do things.