The Walking Dead & Fear TWD

■■■■ those guys.

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… and I thought the episode was over already. Too many commercials break hard the immersion.

What was that, another mexican gang? Border control? Trump won the election?

All of the above, I like what they did there it kinda makes sense that a bunch of them would be doing that at the border when the rules are gone.

Also alicia looks really hot on that couch


She was so much hotter in The 100…

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Is the new sason out yet? Who won?

Eugene is still my top pick.
3 more weeks…2? I don’t know…What do we win?

I’m still saying Aaron, for all the reasons I posted in that thread.

I’m going to throw my hat at Abraham or Sasha.

I think it’ll be Abraham. They won’t have the balls to kill Gleen, but at the same time they can’t just kill a red shirt or a newcomer like Aaron so Abraham would be the best option.

When dealing with TV audience, fan favorites do count. TV episodes are way more expensive than drawing comics after all. Andrea was killed because the actress was horrible for her role.

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I cant really speak on behalf of the role since im only familiar with tv Andea, but i disliked her because the actress was just utter garbage. So i dont doubt she was bad for the role in general.
Same reason i dislike Kim Dickens as Madison in Fear. Neither of them can portray any ■■■■■■■ emotion.

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I haven’t watched much of Fear, wasn’t interested but nobody and I mean nobody can be as bad as Lori.

In the beginning Rick was questionable, people who read the comic used to bash Andrew Lincoln, but the actor learned to be Rick and now he’s the best. And yeah besides Andrea Lori was awful, with Madison they are the failure trio.

Alycia is also meh in FTWD, but she proved to be a good actress in The 100. Her script just isn’t good. Nick and Travis are the best FTWD characters, but due to the last events I wonder if they’ll try to turn Travis into another Rick.

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I don’t think Travis will turn into another Rick per-se. Well, not exactly. But maybe in his own way. Which I honestly kind of hope for.
He was so weak and confused for a while. Everyone just wanted him to be killed off. Made me sad because I love him.
That and Madison has been more Rick-like. And I rather she not take on the leader role. Just because I hate her.
So if it can be passed on to Travis, I’ll take it.

New speculation…

doubtful it’s Eugene, Aaron, Sasha or Carl (already knew it wouldn’t be Carl though) based on the placement of the blood splatter on Rick alone
I didn’t think it would be Glenn simply because I figured they would change it up, But since my guess is seemingly been disqualified now, I think it will be Glenn at this point.

Thought I was ready. I dont think I’m ready.

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You’re not. Completely forgot it existed until I heard people talking about the season finale last week. Missed the whole thing. Funny how little promotion it had. I just finished catching up and I agree with everyone who said it got better. It’s was still a rough start, but consistently better than the previous season and a half. The last few episodes were pretty damn good and they’re finally touching on some interesting stuff. Loved the last couple of episodes, particularly what they did with Nick and Chris. Chris was probably one of the worst characters in a show full of terrible ones, but he became the most interesting aspect of the second half of this season for me and his ending was really well done and heartbreaking. It also provided an opportunity for Travis to grow. I’m interested in seeing where they’re taking the story now. I guess there’s hope for Fear The Walking Dead after all. My only complaint is the whole “smear a little walker blood on your face to become completely invisible to them” schtick they keep pulling. They’re doing that just too much and it’s starting to remove any sense of danger out of those situations.

I think you’re right. I’ve changed my view on it. They seem to be striving to stick closer to the comics now, so I think it could be the person it was in the comics after all. Maybe Daryl could have the same impact, but I think they’d kill Glenn long before they’d kill Daryl. I still think that anybody else would be either counterproductive (any of the girls) or just plain cowardly (any of the guys who aren’t Daryl or Glenn).

But there’s something else implied on that clip that makes me wonder… Could it be that Rick is finally going to get one of his hands cut off? All that talk about “right hands” and then a hatchet is presented… In the comics it was the Governor who did it, so maybe they’re going there now with Negan. Probably not, though.

It may be Daryl because Norman Reedus started a motorcycle show in AMC, when he probably should be recording for TWD instead… though it was just six episodes.

I’d actually be fine with that… Either him or Glenn are the only choices that are ballsy enough to have the same impact it had in the comics, as both of them have a similar function in the storyline and both of them are established, long-standing and well liked characters. It needs to be someone who was there since the beginning. Well, Maggie would be just as impactful (maybe even more, considering she’s pregnant), but that would be like shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to future plotlines. She still has an important part to play and her character is actually evolving.,0,665,1000_AL.jpg

I’m not sure if I’m ok with this shot.


Just caught some spoilers about tonight’s episode and if turns out to be true, they kinda found an interesting way to make that cliffhanger ending more than just a cheap cop out. It seems there’s actually a narrative reason for them to have done it that way. I’m actually more pumped about it than I thought I would be.

By the way, be mindful of the internet minefield, folks. There be spoilers out there. If there’s any credence to them, I already know who got the bat.