The Walking Dead Season 6 Cliffhanger Betting Pool [Spoilers]

So, to those who have ventured thusfar without watching the season 6 finale… what the hell is wrong with you? Like really. You saw the thread title, right? Go watch that. There’s a cliffhanger, but thats all you get. Once youve seen it, come back for funsies.

To all those who have seen it, click below, we’ve got to get some ■■■■ established. All spoiler tags, all the time.

So a lot of people seem to be real mad about the cliffhanger at the end of the episode, and I know exactly the cure for twisted panties - losing money over the thing your panties are twisted about. So here’s what we do. Below is a list of everyone that neegan could possibly beat to death, with some odds that I pulled straight out of my ass along with my reasoning. Anyone who’s interested picks their bet now, and when the new season comes back online, we surprise the winner(s) with… I dunno. Something. Maybe a game from the wishlist of their platform of choice, maybe we just mail them 500 rubber duckys, cause ■■■■ them, how dare they be right.

So without further ado, our contestants are…

Rick Grimes - 14:1 - I mean C’mon, It’s rick. I think if rick got the ■■■■ beaten out of him, a thousand DVRS would cry out in anguish as they deleted so much of america’s favorite cable show. Good for people who like the long shot though.
Carl Grimes - 14:1 - Normally Carl is pretty far high up on these lists, but he didn’t create this problem and he’s not been a bitch much this season. Plus, I don’t think we really want to see ricks rage limit break go full firs tepisode next season.
Michonne McBadass-Kimble - 15:1 - Rick’s current lay, and the first in a long time who isn’t dumb as a brick or useless. Also just try it.
Daryl Dixon - 6:1 - Seems like too much of a fan favorite, but Reedus is basically the only perviously known actor who now has to compete with jeffrey dean for a paycheck. AMC may just not want to pay him anymore money, plus, having a new badass kill a known badass is a standard TV trope, just to establish the level of badass.
Glenn - 3:1 - … Reasons.
Maggie - 15:1 - This show doesnt kill pregnant ladies until after they’ve given birth to giant resource sucks on the group.
Aaron - 2:1 - It really feels like Aaron is the red shirt for this whole episode. I also just recently realized how little they’ve done with this character after his boyfriend died. I seriosuly thought he was the senator’s son until I remembered that douche is dead like 10 minutes ago. My money goes here.
Aberham - 5:1 - This guys hard to tell. Was a dick this season, but is still a majorly popular character for those who like the badasses. At the same time, doesnt have the same emotional ties as some of the other main characters, which either puts this more or less in his favor.
Rosita - 7:1 - Got dumped then killed? A possibility, but it doesnt seem likely.
Sasha - 4:1 - Pissing aberham off is a great way for a short bloodbath to ensue in the opening minutes.
Eugene - 5:1 - Totally bit a guy in the dick, which better mean he gets a next season. Also has plans to make bullets, which would really help the group. However, he also gave those plans to rick early in the episode, maybe to lessen the load if he does die this episode? Plus he just went through a major development arc, which is like the bubonic plague if you arent one of the original group in this show. Really hard to gauge.

If I’m missing anyone let me know. And let me know if you have strong arguments for any of the above past “Arsonist pulled it otuo f his ass.”

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My guess is Aaron because it’d be easy/safe. Won’t piss off too many fans. Even though they don’t always play things safe. By the way, I think we’re pretty sure it’s not Rick or Carl because of what Neegan said at the end (if anyone tries anything then rip out the kids eyes and feed them to his dad). I don’t know if you can knock out any other based on his eeny meeny miney moe, but I don’t think so. They/he seemed to be intentionally vague about it’s meaning. He rather seemed to be picking based on his own preference still, despite giving the appearance of randomization. Also whoever it was, “took it like a champ”. I guess they all could have at that point.


[spoiler] Spot on, I’d say, save one.

Carl should have a likelihood of 1000:1, to be absolutely earnest.

I’d wager Rick would meet and end before Carl, as it would completely invalidate the show to it’s entirety if Carl died.

Honestly, if you really ask me. Carl is 1/2 the reason I’m still watching the show, as they have a character with incredible potential in their midst. The other 1/2 is what I can assume is the TV version of Stockholm Syndrome.[/spoiler]


Yup. Agreed on Carl. Thought we lost him when we lost his eye. That scene was a nightmare. You kept expecting them to pull back and reveal it was just the kid freaking out in his head. My second pick is Abraham because I feel like his luck will run out from his risks and fans like him but all the better then to sacrifice him and somewhat surprise us. Third is Eugene because he set himself up to die if need be, but it would seem predictable from that standpoint. Or if you try to think of it from Neegan’s perspective and desires, who would he want to kill? Forget fans, tv, writing, actors, etc for a minute. My guess, from the way he runs things is, actually not Maggie or Glenn or Rick or Carl because he could figure out those relationships. He wants people to live and work for him. And again not Rick because he knows Rick’s people will listen to Rick about the new world order. From the rest that’s left, I really don’t know. Maybe someone tough looking?

[spoiler]Its not Rick, it’s not Carl. This is for sure,.

Maggie. I personally dont care for her, never have. I was over her whining about Glenn at the prison.
Plus, itd be a huge shock factor if Negan beat a pregnant womans face to a pulp.

But thats also why i doubt its her. I doubt they have the balls to do that on basic cable. Unfortunately.

I can see it being Eugene easilly. He’s my top pick. He had a pretty big moment in the finale, basically going on a suicide mission of the sorts. That was his redeeming moment in the sun to prove he’s no longer a coward.
TWD has a history of cutting people down after they are put on a pedestal.

Daryl used to be my top pick, again similar to Maggies reasoning, purely for the shock value. But I dont think the writers honestly have the guts to take him out the more i think about it.

That and his story arc with Bizzaro Hound isnt complete I feel. He didnt have much of a role in this finale either which i think is also a clue to it not being him.

So yea. Eugene is my pick.[/spoiler]

Rick and Carl are obviously safe, so that leaves us with:

The right choice: Glenn
The second-best choice: Daryl
The “I guess that’s ok” choice: Abraham
The easy, obvious, gutless choice: Eugene
The stupid, counterproductive choices: Rosita, Sasha and Maggie
The “thanks for wasting my time” choice: Aaron

Who it will probably be: Aaron

Yup. I guess my money is on Aaron. Maybe the show has burned me too many times already, but I always expect the worse from it. So I’m going with Aaron.[/spoiler]

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Bouncing, cause relevant.