The Wall of Badasses Memorial

(Vagrantsun) #1

I’ve got a lot of good memories of this game. I expect everyone still reading this board does. Speaking as a strict pub player, the game’s on its last death rattle, and I imagine a lot of you quit playing long before this point anyways. This is where I hop off the train too; I deleted the game this morning.

For those who come after, let’s leave behind something to all our battles out there for the Last Star. Put up your tag, your main, and your stats.


I’m VagrantSun: the Angriest Toby. No Toby ever Tobied harder or with higher blood pressure. Yield or be destroyed.

8,212 games played. 7,079 won.

61,754 kills.

1,921 hours played.

(BM tutor) #2

supernovasnipe, dragon main since launch and your friendly neighborhood ice whole.

8110 matches played and 6620 won.

61780 kills and 2300 hours played.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #3

Opens “Battledex” and points it at self.

HandsomeCam: The unhealthily obsessed Toby main. The only Toby main who’s obsessed over Toby enough to develop a slight case of Multiple Personality Disorder, resulting in an unsettlingly real version of the Finisci living in his mind. Master of penguins and devoted community clown. 178,243,801 kippers eaten. 1 time peed on dry land.

ME (angry):

1425 matches played. 947 battles won. 6015 kills. 2782 deaths. 488 hours played.

ME (muttering):
I was drunk, and couldn’t find a pool of water in time…

HandsomeCam: The land-wetting Toby main-

Shatters Battledex on the floor.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #4

BlaineTheBro: the local coke dealer. Most dedicated Rath main on PS4 and forever the Top Damage Dealer. I Am Sustained.

4,037 matches played, 3,143 matches won and 797 missions completed.

17,808 kills and 1,311 hours played.

(Velocitas Est Vita) #5

Well I wasn’t much, and none of these starts are anything to be proud of, if not flat out embarrassing. But I think this is the end of the line for me too, and I had fun.

nbrownlie237, The One-Armed Bandit. That one Thorn main who can’t hit sh*t, and then that one Ernest main who can’t miss. Still sippin’ on that laggermeister.

529 matches played to a whopping 217 won and 342 missions completed. 2110 kills to 3645 deaths. 679 hours.

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #6

No, seriously, I’m still popping into the single player a couple times a week.

After all… I haven’t heard Benedict’s Italian Cousin speak yet…

(Deandes in crime ) #7

Nemosis327. That one-trick who only plays Deande, and who has dedicated a good chunk of the past two years to perfecting her gameplay and uncovering every aspect of her kit. I’ve also been target banned countless times, and on all platforms at least once.

5473 games played with 4211 games won
3113 games with Deande

41372 kills
23789 kills with Deande

1534 hours played
812 hours with Deande

And 1174 story missions

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #8


The Broken of the Jack-Of-All-Trades Trinity

The pretentious, essay-writing ■■■■ with strange accent who laughed at everything for no reason.

  • Time played: 2140:15
  • Matches: 7093
  • Kills: 31690
  • Missions Completed: 1183


(since CTT) #9

I’m Gunzerkus and Ideatorka.

C R 150, all 325/325 titles and platinum as Gunz.

C R 150 and A O D as Idea.

Kleese + Reyna main on both.

And I’ll miss you, Vagrant.

(PSN: P5CH0U) #10

sooooo it´s me P5CH0U, please just call me P5 (I had that discussion how to pronounce my name way to often).

Orendi main since the first pictures of battleborn were released and I´m 100% serious with that, I saw the first frame with her and knew she is the one :heart:
was happy to have my first hours on the actual fully released game on my birthday as it was released on that day.

okay to my stats:
5348 Games and 4133 won
1480 hours on record

what i have achived
first Austrian to join the 100% club ( every trophy in the game)
and probably by this point the only active Austrian player on battleborn (but if know one other, please tell me)
legit octa kill with ghalt in pubs (it was tank yankers but i dont care)
I guess i can call myself a memester
being more times the captain of a league or tournament team than i played games in a league or tournament

(Deandes in crime ) #11

I’m starting an accolades nomination chain and nominate you for the bestest most releventest friendly neighborhood coke dealer.



May I have a pepsi?

(Jennerit Supremacist) #13

I edited my entry accordingly.

If we are nominating others’ accolades, I nominate you as the most Canadian Memester in the community.

(Vagrantsun) #14

See we were doing fine, all solemn as ■■■■, and then you had to bring in this superlative ■■■■ and drop the coffin. C’mon, man, turn your phone on silent when they’re playing Amazing Grace.

I nominate Blaine as Best Announcer.

(Deandes in crime ) #15

I once had a nerf war at a funeral. Solemn.exe has been inoperable for some time now…

(Deandes in crime ) #16

Oh mah gawd I didn’t know @lemuren97 was Canadian!

(DRKmain) #17

Name not stated

4932 matches played, 4093 matches won

36628 kills

6033 deaths

32447 assists

1212:15 hours played

Burn the world, and boil the oceans :slight_smile: