The Warden boss fight is garbage!

I absolutely hate this boss fight with a passion. What the hell were the devs thinking with this one?! I ran out of ammo before I could finish him. This is not a good boss fight design. No one needs a boss with this many phases. Most annoying boss fight in recent memory honesly. Worst of all, loot was absolute garbage too. Nothing but greens.


don’t make warden mad.

I don’t find him difficult, i killed him with brawl amara.


I didn’t have any issues personally, had plenty of ammo for the fight. Just got to keep moving so you don’t get hit by him. Was a long fight though, so long that I got 2 iron bear uses during the fight, the first boss fight in the whole game that took longer than Iron Bear’s 2 minute cooldown.

As for loot, I got a purple and a legendary rocket launcher from him, plus several blues and another purple from the chests after the fight.


Yeah his fight dragged out for me. Only because I was a rush stack build. But hard? Not really. He was just a total pain in the butt because it dragged out far too long for me.

The boss fight for me was super easy and I killed him in like a minute or under he wasn’t hard or annoying for me the boss who’s really annoying for me is Billy the Goliath he’s annoying af

The warden fight is pretty straight forward as a staged fight of exposed weaknesses.

Shoot the green blobs for ammo and heals (same thing for final fight with the purple things she lobs).

I rage quit this fight. He regenerated FULL health FOUR times. I mean, c’mon! What a lazy design. “Oh, we need a difficult fight. I KNOW! Let’s just have the boss regenerate health over and over again.” I ran out of ammo on two different weapons before giving up.

The Pre-Sequel did this, and I hated it.

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haderax as well.

I always have this in mind when fighting bosses. Kill it fast, if you can’t, you cannot kill it at all.


Is there any reason why sometimes he has 1-2 phases and sometimes 5?

Apparently, if you can hit him with enough damage to kill him off, you can stop the regeneration. Unfortunately, none of my weapons were powerful enough, so he regenerated 5 times, all the way up to godly before I killed him.

As far as I’m concerned this is extremely lazy. He has no special weak points, there’s no special strategy that can be used against him that I know of. You just pour weapons fire into him until he dies.

The fact he can one-shot my pet also pisses me off.

And after a supremely long fight, what did I get? A little cash, one green weapon and two blues. That’s it. Totally not worth it at all. As far as I’m concerned, when I kill a boss, I should get a powerful enough weapon to take down that same boss fast the next time we meet. Instead, I got pathetic little nothing weapons that won’t do more than plink away at the mountains of health the enemies have.

Feeling really frustrated with BL3 right now.


As someone who’s been farming the Godly Warden to try and get the supposed Freeman he’s meant to have good chances for dropping, I can definitely say that he’s not hard to kill.

I’m on TVHM with Mayhem 3 constantly nerfing my damage and I can still level him to Godly and slay him in 5-10 mins at a huuuge push.

If you’re having problems killing him, make sure not to ignore his minions. For the first three quarters of his health bar he’ll hard focus you, but for the last quarter of his health bar on ANY level of his strength, he’ll focus his minions. The Warden only levels up and heals if he gets a kill on one of his minions. If you bait him into attacking a low health minion that you’ve ignored stood next to you, don’t blame the devs for a “lazy design”, blame yourself for not having any awareness lol

As per the guy saying there’s no special weak point, try the head? Definitely a crit spot there.

In conclusion, this boss fight is only difficult if you let it get to that point. Overall, I found it to be very enjoyable and a fun challenge, not found a boss yet that hasn’t been an enjoyable challenge, with the exception of Billy, screw that guy.


His eyes his chest. His WRISTS.

He has two attacks (right and left arm) where he/it plunges his arms into the wall and they remain stuck. The large amber spheres are major weakpoints and if you are ready you can unload on them.

His eye when he is stunned for 10 / 15 seconds is another major point.

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Wrong boss dude. You’re talking about the Graveward. I believe this thread is about The Warden that’s guarding Hammerlock in the Anvil.

Similar names though, so I can get where you’re getting confused :smile:

oh whoops.

but even he’s a damp squib. Just a goliath… with rockets launchers right? Lots of cover in that fight.

Exactly, not very difficult.

yeah… while i think he’s pretty damn easy to beat, that whole fight is terrible… i spent a couple of runs farming him yesterday and he dies fast but holy ■■■■ is it annoying to have a boss that is not only faster than you but can leap across the room AND adds that does the same and never stops to spawn… i figured i should try some new guns on him to check the damage and etc while was farming and it was very frustrating, not the best boss to test stuff on agree but yes, extremely annoying. definitely up there with katagawa for me if had i list of annyoing bosses.

Got him to Godly Warden on TVHM M3 last night, was hoping for another evolution but couldn’t get him to go. Was not a difficult experience at all. You can run circles around the map the whole time.

Don’t have to get him to Godly for the Freeman, got mine dropping him right off the bat.

Ahh right, I guessed as much, part of me was thinking that the chances would be higher at Godly level but it’s probably much faster to farm his first phase. Thanks dude

Welcome, I thought the same thing- bigger bad guy better chance. It was fun running around watching him smash his own prison staff but I just wanted the Freeman. Went back to quick kills and ‘poof’, there it was on the next run.

Edit- had a buddy who just got on join me and he got it also on that kill…mine was better. (Dances)