The Warden boss fight is garbage!

Yeah this exactly. The first time I fought him my first thought was “uh oh, a goliath… I wonder if he’ll do the levelling-up/regeneration thing like all the other goliaths I have known over the years, heh…”

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I’ll second (or third) this. Definitely levels up on his minions, so you need to keep the count high enough for a second one but low enough that you avoid levelling up you don’t want. That, and cheese Warden around the large blocks littering the arena. Got him on my second attempt using that strategy.

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I remember letting that boss level up because I wanted to see if it would drop better loot (it didn’t).

I don’t remember it being hard, but then again that was only the first playthrough. You can just level up a little more and destroy anything.

Cloud Killer kills him quick.

Then radiation or fire after his armor goes down.

Admittedly, I was 4 levels ahead of him.

I did the warden today for first time as lvl 23. I used a tracker assault rifle so that I could pop him once with tracker and then fire at any direction as I ran from him and still hit him. He leveled up one me one time. When I had his health low the 2nd time I spammed the room with rakk attacks and MIRV tracking grenades to kill most of the trash and was able to kill off the last trash with my gun. He caught up to me while I was doing that so I only had like 10% health at the end…if I had died, no 2nd wind due to having to kill all the spare mobs.

I got 2 legendary drops, so I can confirm that you don’t need to keep leveling him up for the good loot:
lvl 23 Boosted Freeman rocket launcher
lvl 23 Tamed Star Helix assault rifle

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He’s just a Goliath like any other. I kinda enjoyed getting normal Goliaths up to GODLIATH in Borderlands 2. This one isn’t much different though, he only levels up if he gets a kill. Just keep the mobs away from him (ie. kill them) and he won’t evolve. It’s a pretty simple fight otherwise, just keep running in circles around the arena shooting backwards.

This boss is so easy i dont even really see it as a boss fight lol his pathing and attacks are super easy to read and get around.

I have no clue what you’re talking about lol, it’s one of the easiest bosses, I tend to kill him in under 20 seconds about every time

Just finished it myself with a level 24 Moze and had no issues- did help that all my weapons were near on level…

How do you prevent him from healing all damage? I had him down to under 20% health, yet he healed to full health FIVE times? Even pouring damage into him had no effect. He just heals.

Kill the minions that enter the Theater area before he does- that will keep him from healing.

Basically what @Carlton_Slayer said - he levelled up by killing a minion, which also restores full health. Standard goliath move, basically.

I don’t understand the issue. I’ve fought this boss both as a team and solo and didn’t have too many issues.

When with my team, my only issue was that he focused on me and that made the fight way too simple, since my teammates were able to focus him down through both of his phases (With and without head).

Solo was a bit more difficult, since he could only ever focus on me and since he was more melee oriented, I had to jump/flip camera/fire to do any sort of damage when my Rakks were on cooldown.

Perhaps it was a bug that it had ‘so many phases’? And the loot’s RNG, so that doesn’t really seem like a legitimate complaint.

**Edit: Also, about running out of ammo. Do you use weapons that have the same ammo type? You might wanna consider diversifying if that’s the case. You’ll definitely run out of ammo if you’re using 3 machine guns/pistols/etc.

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Warden is a Goliath. Once the hat’s off, if he takes too much damage he’ll try and level up off a minion (max of 5 times).

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I can say I’ve never had that happen yet. The minions keep dying to splash damage/rakks, so theres never been a chance I guess.

Even so, seems like a real easy way to prevent him from regenning is to kill the minions ya?

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Depends on how confident you are in your gear/build to not go into FFYL. My second time around I kept a couple around as long as they were on the opposite side of the arena to Warden. If he was getting low on health, though, I made sure to take out any in his vicinity so he had no viable targets.

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Not everyone has experience or remembers goliaths from BL2 (or previous?), the least they could do is have one of your useless ass comrades echo you a tip.

The goliath bosses were kinda lame honestly. They didnt even really give the warden any voicelines leading to his fight or special powers really. I think he shot shoulder missiles at me like 1 time. Recyling a old enemy as a main boss felt really lazy to me. Not too mention they didnt do it once, but twice. The warden and the Anointed Goliath int he theater. The theater one i could understand if it was the only one, but having just killed the warden and the next major boss is a golitah too, it was really lackluster. Warden should have been a Mauler or a Firebrand with stage gimmicks for variety, or some other one-time new enemy like the Rakk Hive.

Acually not only are there two Goliath Bosses but there are two Enforcers bosses also; Mouthpiece and Killavolt. Least they gave em stage gimmicks i guess :confused:

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Yeah pretty lazy on the boss design essentially the anointed goliath shows up everywhere on tvhm m3 and as for the warden what was even the point and with kilavolt and mouthpiece … and other mouthpiece lol that’s 5 bosses that are boring af

Yeah real easy if you know to do it, there aren’t a lot of goliaths between the start of the game and the warden fight, and no mention of how they level up. It is mentioned in BL2 but I forgot, and it seemed warden would always level up after reaching one third health remaining . The second time around, with an actual strategy in hand, the fight was much easier.