The way they killed someone

The way they killed one of our favorite characters Was a straight up shameful atrocity.
She was one of the most power characters in b2 in my opinion and the story writers just made her turn to dust.
They should be truly ashamed of the epic failure they created


It’s like Angry Joe said in his BL 3 review.
None of the story from Pre Sequel, BL 1, BL 2, BL chapters play any role in BL 3.
( If they do, then it’s poorly executed )
The 2k Studio didn’t do any good with story in BL 3. Instead of getting more fans, they lost few of them.


I don’t have anything against a main character dying as long as it has an impact.
But boy was this the opposite of an impact. Hey, Gaige what do you make of this?

Gaige: “What the ■■■■! That’s ■■■■■■■■. Maya found a way to kill Haderax the invincible in less than five seconds. Now your telling me that some bitchy ECHOstreamer killed her simply by touch!? ■■■■ you! Where’s a gigantic space laser when you need one?”

Thanks, Gaige!


By the way, Gaige hijacked the ship where ECHO News Network is broadcasting and forced herself on the show. She and Chuck Stake will talk obout the video game industry, moder gamer culture and her general outlook at the product quality. Fair warning! To say she is pissed, is an understatement if I ever heard one. You can read the interview here:


This review is so spot on its scary.

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AJ usually make a really valid point on his reviews.
That’s why he is one of my favorite youtubers.


It’s good to know there are other like minded people
In this forum.
Not just the super fans as B3 likes to call us.

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Not just here, a guy on Reddit did gearbox’s work instead of them and made a more consistent story with a more satisfying outcome, while someone still “bit the bullet”.

I don’t know wheather to laugh or cry when fanfiction get’s better results than a studio with a budget of several million dollars.


Its pretty pathetic if you ask me.
It’s like gearbox had interns write the story and they were like we dont get paid so who gives a shat if it makes sense


Ya, felt a bit naff. It was almost like, we need to kill some main, but even the way was poop.

Needless to say, I loved this char in BL2


Man, that’s how bussines is run these day’s. The unpaid interns do all the work while the guy in charge gets all the money and glory. Ask anyone who work a low paid job in animation (traditional or digital), it’s a horror show.


Its so sad but true. I like the new game, i still play it whenever i have time for it. The thing ist, the more you play the more you whish for a skip button. Thats not a good sign in my book. The main Story is ok at its best. The calypso twins are a harassment. There is so much more potential, but it just does not get used properly. I am now at a point , where reality kicks in and i am starting to realize that its not the story i had hoped for. I dont even kow if you can compensate it with dlc and hopefully better writen storys in them. The base game is here, the story is done and noone will alterate anything anymore. Poor maya, she deserves something much better. My favorite char in bl2 reduced to dust for a cheap thrill by 2 unlikeable brats. Something must have gone wrong while they made up this story. RIP Maya


She was my favorite character as well.
I wish there was a way we could punish them for this lack of loyalty to what made borderlands an epic game


There is, but sadly it is a way that most gamers choose not to take. Don’t buy their DLC’s, don’t buy the next game.

However, even if all the people who are disappointed by this game choose not to buy BL4, it won’t be enough yet. They haven’t reached Bioware levels of bad yet.

BL4 will make it’s money based on gameplay, guns, and character progression alone because all of those are still really good.


Your absolutly right. The bigges punishment whould be to not buy any dlc or future Games. The Problem on my end here is, that i blindly bought the super deluxe edition. I was so hyped by the fact a new one is coming, that i forgot to think straight and wait until reviews and gameplay stuff arrived from normal people like us. I thought to myselfe: You cant do anything wrong by buying the deluxe edition, because you liked every other bl game that was here before. So there was no barrier for me that said no wait and see how things go. And dont get me wrong here, i really like the game, it is very good in its core. All the stuff you want is in there, the shooting is amazing, the loot is really nice. I still find stuff i didnt know its ingame. The sound design is top notch ( except the song for lilith that shes a girl and she is on fire. ) good lord the person who came up with that idea needs to get launched out of orbit. All that stuff has improved so much. But the writing is not up to date.


Don’t beat yourself for it. We’ve all been there. If those marketing pigs know one thing is creating hype for sub-standard ■■■■.


M deserved to die because of obvious hate, stupidity, prejudice and all-around character re-writes that made M something other than M once was. Brainless garbage no matter how you choke it.

I’m right there with you. I did the same thing. Partly because…yeah, it’s Borderlands, what could go wrong. The other was…buying that basically saved ten dollars for buying the game and the season pass. I don’t know, I think I’ll still get my money’s worth because I’ll play it for a while longer and I will likely get a hundred or so hours out of it. Mostly just to hear what each character says. But I won’t get the thousand or so I did out of BL2 and even the Pre-Sequel. And I won’t buy it on multiple platforms the way I did with the others.


I would have to agree, unfortunately. It seems that the story was given to a “new” team of writers, which just didn’t have it. The quality of the new elements added into Borderlands are not there (very generic, very “flavorless”), and they seem to be very afraid to offend someone, so there’s no “edginess” we love and pretty much expect from a Borderlands game.

On the other hand, some of the side-quests are done superbly, like they were developed by the “old” team…


Yeah, I paid $135 CAD blindly. I love the gameplay, but I expected the whole package…

this does a great job explaining why people hate the story too, Ava in particular