The way to still have fun with this

Is probably to play non-mayhem and enjoy the variety of weapons we’ve collected.

Reset those missions or start new characters.

I was hoping they would come up with a way to make the whole thing playable with all weapons. On all Mayhem levels.


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or maybe we should all go back handsome collection, im having fun playing gaige


I can’t do it. I’ve got a safe full of M10 weapons. I can’t go fighting M9 or lower enemies with that, and feel like it’s anything other than cheating.

(That’s me on my ■■■■, and y’all play how you want.)

I didn’t go ROFLstomping OP7 stuff with OP8 weapons in BL2. I can’t accept that that’s a way to do things in BL3.

(Again, just my rules-for-self. Y’all do your own thing.)


“Not gonna do it.” -George Bush


I really enjoy BL3 on the lower to mid level mayhem levels right now. Certainly through 4, and kind of 5-7. I really like using a variety of purples and legendaries. I like the reasonable time to kills. I saved a bunch of lvl 45-50 shields so I can stay a bit more fragile for better lethality both ways. I don’t have to stick to a dozen specific guns with specific rolls.

The fundamental gameplay is better than the past titles, and I personally don’t find the higher difficulties any more difficult here. Just limiting and tedious. This from a difficulty hound and veteran of the twitchiest high skill ceiling shooters.

I hope they get it right eventually. Selfishly I hope they do so in a fashion more focused on being mechanically exacting rather than D3 style pure number inflation, but that ain’t the target audience.

So for me, I don’t really care the game sucks on the high end because it’s actually good elsewhere. I don’t need a grind to enjoy a shooter.

I would like a true step up from TVHM though. Increased lethality, mob aggression, mob move and action speed, reduced predictability, random adds from anywhere everywhere, and more density. Leave the health inflation behind. Auto adjust gear to a base level cap value when in it. Basically a hardcore mode, not a grind the ladder mode. That right there would be all I ever would want from BL.

They really tried to copy Diablo 3 for some reason. They miss the whole years of vehement backlash and general uproar over it’s ■■■■ systems or something?

You are right guys
I will never go higher than Mayhem 7, because the higher you go, the less weapon you use…
I like using all kind of weapons and builds… And it works great at Mayhem 4.
So I use M7 and M4 weapons so I can be OP and normal against them…
They said you will have Billions of weapons, and at the end, we use 10… That is a mistake of game design…
On the other hand, I had a lot of fun from level 1 to 57 without using any legendary with my Moze. It was challenging and fun to look at the loots to find better epic/blue guns! But after level 57, it is all gone…
They want build variety… But how easy the game became when I switched my phaseslam build to a phasegrasp TTB … Like phaseslam was just pointless. Even in M0, you would remove 1/16 of enemy health bar, using you action skill… Wahou, the feeling of power!!!
They have to find better way of increasing the difficulty, as you said. No creativity doing health boost on enemy…
How creative is that :
"You! Turn this health knob a little bit… Mhh ok, that is mayhem 1
Ok now turn it again… Again… Stop, that is mayhem 2
Ok go on… Mayhem 3, right there! "

I dont know… > New enemy ? Elemental immunity (so we have to swap weapons) ? Strong enemy healers ? Special attacks that you have to dodge? They could throw back our grenade ? …

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Since there is this topic here…i created a topic regarding this topic


GB must be doing something wrong when i feel the need to create 2 Topics in a Forum. But i was never sure why i feel the need to. I think that i want the game to be awesome, no, it is awesome, i want it to be amazing or even beyond that. I see an enormous potential in this game. The foundation is great. To be beyond amazing is totally feasible, imo.
Once you hit Mayhem, some issues occur, but this just a general statement which i will not go into detail in this topic.
My Topic is that, in my opinion, the takedowns are missing something. Something that a above casual like me hinders to take on takedowns.

Straight to the point. Takedown Currency and Currency Exchange machine. The replayabilty would be enormous and the Takedowns will actually be fun and rewarding.

But lets go back a little bit, i wanna write i little story. A story of me taking on the Guardian Takedown.
Like i mentioned, i consider myself above casual and Moze and i took down Wotan on M4 in M2.0. I barely can beat M9 Valkyre Squad.
So i jumped in at M6. Instantly noticed that something is wrong, my Weapons only tickled the first mobs i encountered, but i tried and failed. So i toned down to M4 and always insta died while charging the crystals. So i thought that i was not fast enough in killing the mobs so i toned down to M0 to figure it out. I now know that i need to keep an eye on all the crystals, but that is besides the point now.
So i started M0 Guardian Takedown…most fun i had in this game for a long time. Why? For months i was using weapons that are powerful, but not fun or cool. So i used weapons that i remembered were badass and i had a Duc in my backpack which i never used, because weak. 150rad/50 Anointment, so i equipped the frontloader and then the fun started. It was a blast and the enemies shared my excitement, they literally rad exploded in excitement. So that was amazing, but, aside from the fun, not rewarding. All the loot is meaningless, because it is M0 loot. So why do a second run?

So in order to encourage the player to take on the takedowns in lower difficulty, let the Miniboss and the Boss drop some kind of tokens we can grind, so that we can have a chance of gaining the exclusive takedown loot on M10. By exchanging the tokens in M10.
And with each Mayhem level, the amount of token that drop will increase.
People whom can take on M10 Takedowns also will benefit from the tokens. It is hard for them to find special anointments or the boss wont drop anything. But at least they get some tokens so they can grind vending machines for exclusive takedown loot with anointments they want.
And that is not even new. BL2 did that. Seraph crystals and Torgue Token.

So i think that is vital for the game. That needs to be added in asap. Or am i the only one whom farmed Torgue Tokens and Seraph Crystals? o.O

i have an Amara i just snipe with that i just might start playing full time

We should all stay at M6 max. If nobody played M10, Gearbox would see how useless this all is.


there defintiely is a magnificent game when you deprive yourself of annointed gear and guardian rank and tackle the normal mode with normal guns however it is still too softly scaled which makes it hard to enjoy. i am currently planing a fresh play for the same purposes where i won’t be using any anoints but i will still have to use mayhem mode to increase hp on enemies by a factor of 3 or 4 which introduces all the damn modifiers i do want none of…

Thats what i´m doing … I´ve played BL 3 for some hours … play through the story… but thats it. I´ve hundreds of hours in BL 2 , still growing… Part 2 was / is so awesome and much better


If you want a new fun way to play BL3 without the ■■■■■■■■ of mayhem… Try this

It’s more fun than you would think.

I find mayhem 7 to be a perfect balance of difficulty while still being able to kill things reasonably fast with most weapons with a good annointment. Plus It’s the highest difficulty the Shredifier is usuable so I’m not going any higher until it’s buffed.


deathtrap want a upgrade deathtrap gets a upgrade, i love using hide of terra with deathtrap lol , shes the definition of how pet should be . look at that fl4k pet , does nothing lmao

we started no anoints restricted gear run yesterday has been a blast so far

the base game is so beautiful the music the gun sounds the aesthetics i almost forgot about this part of the game when you only play the tip of the iceberg (max mayhem “best build”) the game pretty much steps back and leaves shell of itself in the endgame