The Wedding Invitation: The Sniper that feels like a sniper

So with how fun it is to use, and how popular it seems in the community, I wonder if people would be interested in getting some momentum behind getting it added to the loot pool after the event is finished? There are other weapons that would be nice to have added as well (the Bekah springs to mind). I know I’m not the first person to put this idea forward.

Considering these small incremental level cap increases could be the norm for this game going forward, it doesn’t seem to make sense to have fun weapons unobtaianble after that happens, or locked behind absurd conditions (like completing all of Hammerlock’s hunts and save scumming for the desired anointed effect).

In the absence of an “eridium for upgrade” mechanic, and with some people feeling like that goes against the DNA of the game’s loot grind, surely it makes sense to make popular weapons actually obtainable through grinding for them, at the very least.

My two cents, thoughts on the matter welcome.


Yeah I think it would be a good idea to unlock a drop or make the quest repeatable. On consoles save game manipulation is not very safe and it’d be much better to have gameplay ways of obtaining the items.

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In general I think all guns should be available in-game as a drop. This includes all quest rewards, crew challenges etc. No good reason to treat Bekah, Hanging Chadd, Wedding Invitation etc. differently from all other guns.


I got the sniper with “ASE 100% weapon damage” and gave it to my Rakk Attack Fl4k and yeah I basically shoot it once and win the game.

Surprised they didnt make it where you got the sniper and SMG every X amount of hearts shot after you completed the event initially


I’m loving this sniper tbh, especially on my Amara. Amara + Ties that bind + Stillness of mind = great fun! Wish it had a dedicated drop somewhere after the event ends, but I don’t see it happening.

I wish that they would. Maybe then I could get an anointed one.

I can do with this sniper, what I SHOULD be able to do with my Unforgiven. I love it

Wouldn’t mind an Anointed version with +115% Radiation DMG while GB is Active

Fun detected.


Edit: We should probably wait for the next level cap increase before we start getting serious with this gun unless you are ok with being Ionized :sunglasses:

The gun is amazing, but 100% needs to be in a loot pool. There are tones of named enemies that don’t have drops.

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So you all know as has been pointed out over in the Moze section - the Headsplosion is just as good as this weapon, it’s the same base weapon and has similar effects (explosion on crit - ricochet, actually it provides 3 ricochet pellets), the only caveat is that is has a large variety of base damage rolls from as low as 2950(at lvl 53) up to and above the base damage of the WI(3750ish is the highest I’ve seen I think). So if you get one with a good roll 3400+ and anoint, it can perform as good or better then the WI.


I got 4 Wedding Invitations and not 1 anointed variant.

I hope they realize that this weapon isn’t “OP”, it just feels like a sniper actually should. Snipers in this game are mostly way underpowered, so I’m really hoping that the plan is to buff other snipers, not nerf this one. The community is loving this thing.


I’d accept their invitation if they buffed all snipers, and I hate weddings.


My Rakk Attack FL4k has their Bekah with 100 ASE for distance, and a Hellwalker with the same anointment for close range.

Also, I just used the Wedding Invitation with my FL4k. Like Rhys…I think I’m legit crying at how glorious this gun is.

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I’m loving this thing, and using it as much as I possibly can before the Fun Detector obliterates it.

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honestly, its a bit overpowered imo. it does too many things at once: splash, ricochet, double elemental, ammo regen, crit bonus. these features should be distributed to snipers that fall behind in the meta- give the woodblocker crit bonus/ammo regen. Give Malak’s bane splash damage/ricochets.

The problem isn’t the damage, having a gun with literally every good gun effect/property doesn’t change the fundamental problems snipers have in this game. It’s like slapping a single strip of tape on an overflowing dam. Buff all the lacking snipers first, then tame this beast down.

It’s basically a Grog Nozzle at this point, it does too many things at once; it makes the game too boring imo. Say what you will but I’d rather not get a repeat of a game balanced around outlier gear like we did BL2.

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Enjoy what is left of this game after opinions like yours drop the dwindling population even more. Nerfs are killing this game. I will never understand why some people car e so much about balance in a PVE in my game with no real endgame other than killing enemies as fast as possible. Are you a Destiny player by chance?


Yeah the Wedding Invitation does alot of things, but none of these special effects are particularly overpowered. It doesn’t have a 400% crit bonus, nor does it spawn a bunch of additional projectiles, or have massively souped up damage or fire rate. Its basically just a beefed up Headsplosion with ammo mitigation. I think a reason GB gave it so many perks is because it is an event gun - they had to make a weapon that would not leave any of the 4 toons out. Not everyone benefits from every perk, but everyone gets a little bit of everything. The splash for Moze, ricochet projectiles/elements for Amara, PD shenanigans and Cryo for Zane and being a Sniper for Fl4k of course.

But for all its attributes, the real reason it is performing so well is because, like all the Jakob’s Snipers that preceded it, its really good with the Overkill GR perk, and being fire elemental makes it even better with OK. Of course it doesn’t change the fundamental problems of many Snipers in the game, but that’s not relevant to what makes the Wedding Invitation (and all Jakobs Snipers) far superior to their counterparts.

It’s basically a Grog Nozzle at this point, it does too many things at once

I don’t think the game was every balanced around the Grog (maybe except the raids, but thats more Moxxi weapons in general than the Grog). For every class not named Salvador the only real special effect the grog had was the +65% lifesteal. The crit bonus is kinda who cares, the slag is decent but not reliable enough at OP8, and the multiple projectiles is a pain unless you are doing some speedkill or something. I only every used the Grog on Sal and Melee Zer0, even at OP8/10.


to be honest, im going to ignore everything you just said.