The wedding invitation

So i found my new favorite sniper. My god this thing is amazing. Only tested it out on m3 but so far im digging it. Ive always loved jakobs snipers and the ammo refund on crit just makes it even sweeter. Mines double weapon damage on ase with fire element. Has anyone gotten a different element?


It’s always fire with cryo on ricochet bullets.

You can only get one per character, is that correct?

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Where do you get this? (Just got home from work and am heading to Pandora now).

It’s a reward from Broken Hearts event, you need to collect 100 hearts. It’s easy to do, they drop like the ghosts during Bloody Harvest.

@cat_thulhu yes, one per character.

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Got one, thanks!

Did anyone else get it anointed?

Yes, +100% damage ASE. Would’ve preferred 125% incendiary next two mags, but…


Can this spawn with a gunner 160 splash anoint?

Don’t see why it couldn’t…

No it can’t spawn with splash anoints.

The initial bullet isn’t splash which I imagine has something to do with it.


I’m going to guess that some weapons that have splash damage as sort of a secondary effect don’t spawn with splash anoints. like headsplosion and lead sprinkler.

Hell, I’ll take it! I assume my FL4K or Amara can get some mileage out of it, since FL4K spews out Rakk Attack at great speed, and Amara has a 5 second tops Phasegrasp CD.

It’s fantastic, probably my new favourite sniper too, wrecks on M4. It’s great with bonus elemental damage (gun/shield/grenade mod anointments, Infusion, Forceful Expression etc.): similar to how those spawn more ricocheting bullets on Carrier/Rowan’s Call etc., they make the Wedding spawn more splash explosions and hit the second enemy several times.


I’m so disapointed I got a non anointed one :disappointed_relieved: :rage:

FL4K Jr picked one up with a Moze anointment. Don’t remember which. Should be getting one later today on Zane. Hoping for something better.

Fl4K Jr did get a nice FL4K Rakk anointment on his SMG though.

Both guns in this event are really really good IMHO.

I have nine characters I’m running through this: four have done it so far, and none have been anointed… have five more shots here: fingers crossed!

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If you’re on PC I might be willing to trade my 100% weapon damage ASE for that Moze one, depending on the annointment…