The Weightlifting and fitness thread

There’s definitely the possibility of an injury there. You may also try dialing back the weight a little bit, 35s are a pretty high number for curls. (For reference, I usually sit in the 20-25 range depending on the type of curl)

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I’d prefer to use a bit lower weight as well. I only have 35’s and 50’s for dumbbells. I also have a 35lb kettlebell I’ve recently picked up for shoulder and back exercises. I currently don’t do curls of any kind. Just pull ups for my biceps. which I’ve cut back on recently due to my left shoulder picking up in pain. Not sure what I did, but my left shoulder, is hurting like a Mutha… for about a few weeks now. it’s a recent injury and that seems to be my problem. I keep injuring myself.

so my 35’s are for butterfly’s on my incline bench(its adjustable). I also use my 50’s for incline bench dumbbell presses. When i do my butterfly’s, the backs of my shoulders ache. it’s kinda weird actually. I have to “break them in” kinda. I start out with half butterflys due to the pain. as I work them in, it hurts less, so I can dip down lower with my extended butterfly’s. If i can keep this up, I’ll post some results. I’m trying to shred my chest. I love that soreness from the lactic acid build up. Feel the burn, baby. lol

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please elaborate on this for me. I find it hard to get close to 200 grams of protein let alone, 250. With the knowledge that the body cannot process more than roughly 25gram per 4 hours. 250 in a day is a tough task.


I was on one of the old low carb Atkins-esque diets for years (it’s how I dropped over a hundred pounds) and I still got nowhere near that in protein. Is it even possible? I’m not a hundred percent sure one of those full meat diets would do it, since things like steak have huge amounts of fat even before other considerations.

I suppose thinking it through, something like protein powder or deliberately avoiding fat and the like might do it, but still… odd.


I eat several meals (5-7) on the daily. They’re small, and/or a ‘meal’ is a protein shake and banana or something similar. Each time I eat is between 50 and 25 grams o’ protein.

I for sure notice a difference in recovery between lifting sessions when the protein intake drops off. (I’m an engineer - I make notes every day on what I eat and what I do for lifting.)

Merry Christmas!!


I’ve picked this back up, for the umpteenth time it would seem! lol I start a routine and it quickly fizzles…

I have a bit more focus behind me this time around. I’m actually getting my wife into this with me so we can motivate each other. I backed off the weights due to injuries. I kept hurting myself and I’d have to stop lifting for long periods of time. I’m now just doing calisthenics. I have started running. I don’t jog, I sprint. I start off with a light jog downhill to get the blood flowing, once I reach the bottom I turn around and sprint uphill. it’s nothing big, its actually a pretty short distance. maybe, half a mile total. So, a quarter of a mile downhill, then a quarter mile sprinting uphill. That really gets me sweating and breathing heavy. I’m starting to feel that internal burn like i did when I was in good shape.

The wife and I have also altered our diets. Diet is key and is probably needless to say. So it’s a keto style diet, no carbs. if we do consume carbs, it’s healthy vegetables, not pasta or bread.

We’ve been at this for about 2 weeks now. 1st week was kinda of a slow start. not really pushing ourselves. 2nd week we picked it up and now we’re pushing ourselves. We feel great and I hope we can keep this up.

Instead of this being a routine of sorts, we’ve kinda made this a lifestyle change. We are getting outside more often. Taking the heard of dogs we have for long walks and even running with the dogs when we can. lol This has become a daily ritual and I’m really liking the change. I just hope we can keep it up. :innocent:


Hi I like to lift things up and put them down

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Given your username I’d have assumed you no lift w….eights.

Hey since I’m here. My knees are back to being crappy so I can’t run, but my lunch hours are now an hour rather than a half hour so I’ve been doing improv 20 minute workouts around the workplace. My core is pretty awesome right now and I’ve had months of chiro free back bliss.

I’ve also gone (mostly) vegan which has helped my energy and recovery tremendously.

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Lol, yeah no I gotta lift weights to achieve the Krieg physique!

Nice, yeah I’ve found I get lower back pain from sitting a lot. Strengthening the core helps quite a bit, as well as stretching and general movement (hip mobility and hamstring flexibility in particular). I’ve also found that strengthening the glutes reduces lower back pain.

Have you tried Huel? I’m not vegan, but I’ve been using Huel for breakfast for a few months due to convenience (laziness) and it being cheaper/healthier than eating out or buying pre-made meals. I’m pretty satisfied with it, and it’s vegan friendly.


I’ve been researching this the past couple days. You’ve sparked my interest. I think I’m going to give the drinks a shot at replacing my breakfast/lunch meals. I’ve been thinking the protein shakes I’ve been living off of are actually hurting me. I can’t prove it. I just think moving to a more organic, vegan based protein shake will help remedy some of my joint aches and pains. Huel is Vegan friendly with no soy. That was a big selling point for me.

My activities are still walking the dogs, calisthenics and paddle boarding and surfing. Hiking when we can.


I actually add whey isolate to mine, since I try to get 200g+ protein per day. But yeah, protein shakes alone can’t replace a well balanced diet. I’m pretty much using Huel to help me get my micronutrients (and fiber) in a convenient, well-rounded “meal”.

Some people have issues with texture/taste. I use the white bag Huel powder, and strongly recommend banana, original, or vanilla flavors ( their chocolate is not good imo). I’ve found that blending with ice and water or milk tastes perfectly fine (I use a NutriBullet). Easy mix-ins are peanut butter powder, cocoa, cinnamon, and/or any fruit.


If you’re concerned about soy because of potential hormone interference, that’s been thoroughly debunked. Phytoestrogens (plant pseudo estrogens) are quite different from human and can actually suppress human estrogen production. In fact soy is one of the most recommended foods to support female cancer recovery (estrogen is a major factor in breast cancer).

What’s far more concerning is conventional GMO and glyphosate grown soy, but there are plenty of non-GMO organic products out there. That said, soy protein isolate rarely is, so……

Breakfast is usually multigrain porridge (and that’s every grain I can find : teff, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, barley, rice, cracked oats, millet, etc) with nuts &/or seeds (whatever : sunflower, hemp, coconut, sesame, pumpkin, chia, flax, walnuts, etc), honey, yogurt (the not-so-vegan part), fruit &/or berries, whey protein & veg protein (pea, rice, etc), and greens powder. Yup, greens right in the porridge — an acquired taste.

That keeps me going for 5 or 6 hours no problem, with a pretty intense cycle commute to work and my pre-lunch workout in there. And no barfy feeling when I arrive at work with my heart rate jacked.


Yeah, I’ve also read similar concerns about phytoestrogens in flaxseeds, which are a main ingredient of Huel. I think in both cases, the concerns are unfounded like you said. And for what it’s worth, I used Soylent heavily for about a year (similar to Huel, but soy based). I felt great, making steady progress in my lifts and physique (progress pic from around that time).


Well no wonder you made such progress

(I’m sure this is a well trodden joke, but this is the first I’ve heard of the product)


Was that v.1 or v.2 of the forumula? There was an Ars Technica article in which one of the writers spent an extended period on a Soylent-only diet for science! It was, apparently, a quite aromatic experience.

@VaultHunter101 I think it was Cacao flavor 2.0? Whichever version was newest in 2017. I typically was drinking 2-3 of the ready-to-drink bottles per day, so it was probably only about 30-40% of my diet. I would have a post-workout protein shake and a high-calorie, high-protein dinner in addition.

I actually felt pretty well and energized on Soylent. I only stopped because it’s not really cost effective to use the bottled version. By the time I came around to meal replacement powders recently, I decided to switch to Huel. I prefer Huel’s macros and ingredients from a health perspective, although I imagine Soylent would be much more smooth and mixable.

I was thinking the same thing when reading all that. Porridge is vague, but well suited term for what you’re consuming. lol

Me: “Whatcha eating, Jefe?”
Jefe: “Porridge”!

And yes, you nailed it on the head for my concerns with Soy and the estrogen within. I was a vegan for roughly 18 months in my younger years. Soy was a main part of that diet and when I stopped and went back to meat and less to no soy, I felt and looked better. So I am basing my opinion off off experience. I may have been “doing it wrong” as I’ve heard from the Vegans I befriend nowadays. “You did it wrong” ← I get that a lot. lol

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Yeah, vegan athletic diets are pretty damn scientific — even more than omnivore diets.

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Which is why I do it wrong. lmao
I’m trying again however. No so much to be vegan, but to be healthier and feel better. My energy level is down the toilet lately. moving to this Huel for breakfast I think is a good start. I currently don’t eat breakfast or lunch. I only eat dinner. I basically fast all day and eat at night.

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I did it. I purchased Huel. Lets see how this goes…

edit: Day 2 on this stuff…
The taste is not desirable to say the least. Berry is the flavor I chose. Its not horrible, so I can eaily drink these. Its just not yummy, which can be considered a good thing. If it were yummy, I could over use these. lol

I drank a bottle at 9:30am and feel great. It’s currently 10:45am but can already feel the difference from not consuming anything normally during the morning hours. I don’t feel over hyped like caffeine can cause, with me. I’m still drinking coffee while having consumed a bottle and the combo is working out great. I feel like exercising right now, but I’m at work, so that’s not happening. lol

Yesterday I drank my 1st bottle at 1pm. Ate dinner around 7pm. I do feel the difference of consuming more fiber, however.

its a little after 2pm. I leave for the day in a half hour. The Huel lasted my entire day. I actually got hungry around 1pm but its not unbearable. I’m not starving…That slow release of carbs is no joke. Worked like a charm. Now, I either consume another when I get home, or I wait for dinner. Not sure yet, I’ll decide when I get home.

So far, I’m digging this…