The weird shuffle of unit icons

This is a HW2 leftover annoyance which makes strikecraft micro a pain.
Let’s say you use a strikegroup to control your interceptor cloud, and keep them selected so you can see which wings need docking. Now whenever a wing dies (or sometimes just randomly) the order of the unit icons appearing on the lower left are shuffled.
Starcraft 2 addressed this issue by leaving blank spaces where dead units’ icons should be, and the order only gets re-shuffled after re-selection.

Could we get something similar?


Your post needs 10 likes. This is a very annoying issue.

+1 to some sort of solution to the shuffle.

Seems to me the shuffle happens even when a single ship dies in a squad.

Yes! YES! A hundred times more, yes!

The same thing happens when you try to unselect healthy units to leave those in need of repair. When shift-clicking a group to unselect units the ordering gets scrambled instead of the remaining units simply shifting one space to the left.


Id atleast like to see the icons organized from biggest to smallest ship. Currently its very unorganized.