The 'What made you happy thread' /V3

(Is this thing on?) #5228

Well, I did make two of them, so if you can get here by Dec. 25th I’m sure I can spare a slice or three!

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #5229

I’ll be in Wisconsin for christmas… I’m affraid the cake wouldn’t make it through custom.:wink:

(Santa Söze) #5230

ALRIGHT! My weekend has begun!

Time for a sweatband montage!

Washin’ the dishes! Give’r!!


Foldin’ tha laundry! Give’r again!!


Feedin’ the cat! FxxxKING GIVE’R!!


Cookin’ the dinner!! WHOOOOOOO!!!

Actually I’m super wasted - it’s been a hell of a week - so I’ll probably just go to bed early.

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #5231

Spoke to my grandma this morning. She’s not in a good way but seemed quite cheerful, and it was brilliant to have a chat. :relieved:

(Temet Nosce) #5232

Homecooking. My mother is making barbecued ribs for my birthday. I really do appreciate it when other people cook for me.

(Is this thing on?) #5233
  1. Seeing a bunch of tweenagers skipping down the street, singing “Dancing Queen” at the top of their voices
  2. Weekend at the farm with no traffic, sirens, trains, neighbours… ‘Silent Night’ indeed (not even the coyotes were stirring last night)
  3. Cake being decorated as I type (go family!)
  4. A sign outside the local pizza place: “Merry Everything and Happy Always!”

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(Berserker) #5234

Great sleep.

(Is this thing on?) #5235

Just got back from some family time out at the farm. This was Saturday morning:

And there was, of course, cake!

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #5236

Double stamps event at Waterstones - so I made the most of them by getting a couple of completed series I’d been looking at buying (along with a Christmas present that I needed to pick up for someone)

Spent little under £111 on these and the gift I got and instead of getting the usual 11 stamps I usually would, got 22 (which is 2 full stamp cards and a bit so £20 reward credit to spend on future purchases along with the £12.82 I had previously)

On the topic of books, one of the booksellers up in Edinburgh when I was at the event up there a couple of months back recommended Joe Abercrombie* “Half a world” trilogy (I don’t know if that’s the official title but it’s the half a … ones), Robin Hobb “Farseer” trilogy and Ellen Kushner “Sword Point” trilogy.

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #5237

It’s possible to gift people ebooks now! :confetti_ball:

(Santa Söze) #5238
  1. I slept for 10 hours.

  2. Max the cat woke me up with his whiskers in my face.

  3. Coffee - lots of coffee.

  4. Pissing rain outside. Like torrential - so it’s going to be a day of reading, gaming and binge-watching “1983” on Netflix.

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #5239

Any good? (The show, cats, sleep and coffee are presumed wonderful!)

(Santa Söze) #5240

Books you mean? I’ve got Monstress from the library (with whom I have a zero-balance :wink:) - @billthebetta had mentioned it at one point. It’s pretty cool so far. Then HP and the Goblet of Fire.

Oh yes. Actually, 1983 is very promising. I’ve only seen the first ep. It’s a Polish alt-history slightly dystopian thriller. Seems like it might be poorly translated but not to be point of being distracting.

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #5241

My current audio book!

That does sound rather good. I’m quite keen on Polish culture, my leading interpretation of which is that its cultural output and national sentiment are infused with an inherent bitterness because Poland has no natural land barriers and has consequently been invaded so many times.

Recently watched Cold War dir. by Pawel Pawlikowski… that was brilliant, though probably not a ‘thriller’. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Temet Nosce) #5242

Christmas cactus is blooming.

(Santa Söze) #5243

Mine too!

Also my aloe which I’ve never seen before.

(Temet Nosce) #5244

I honestly had no idea aloe did bloom, and that despite having one. Neat.

(Santa Söze) #5245

Well sit down young Temet and I’ll tell you all about sexual reproduction…

But yeah - very cool. I have a century plant that blooms every once in a while too. More than once a century :stuck_out_tongue:

(Is this thing on?) #5246

Our Christmas Cactus bloomed this summer, along with the orchid. (In before you say “See, I told you Toronto was a strange place!”)

(you can change the song, hun 🌻) #5247

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Maison Kitsuné has hired the former Celine designer as aa new creative designer