The 'What made you happy thread' /V3

A new house!

I’m not sure how much I’ve revealed about my home situation but I think it was enough for you guys to know it’s been extremely stressful since June.

Anyways, after many many many terrible showings (too small, too decrepit, terrible location, terrible yard, smoker house) and one lost bid, our offer was accepted……for UNDER asking. For some reason, ours was the only offer so we ended up getting it for $23K less than the over-bid we were expecting to put in. Possession in five weeks.

What a relief.

Edit : it’s also a super nice and fairly new (10 y/o) house that’s well designed and very well built. Very good materials and build quality which is a lot more than I could say for some of the ■■■■ boxes I’ve seen that are the same age.


Congrats happy homeowner! :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing! Knowing how crazy the housing market is, that is indeed great news. Does it have a garden?

For those not so familiar with the Canadian housing market (especially Vancouver, Toronto, etc.) a friend who’s a real estate agent told me the other day that $150k over asking has become ‘normal’, and one property his clients were out-bid on went for $250k over asking. That’s 15-25% of the average price in Toronto.


A small back yard, enough for the dog to have a bit of space and still be able to put it some veg/herb beds and perennials. Much smaller than our current yard unfortunately but there is attached park area.

Someone told me yesterday that Windsor is getting hammered by Toronto folk selling their million+ homes and overbidding Windsor houses by +50% and that this is as much being driven by Toronto real estate agents.
A friend in Victoria listed his place at 699 and someone bid 806, which is an exceptionally high percentage for the area (15%). The area I’m moving to is more like 1-2%!

It is quite a ways out of the city, pretty much the beginning of the west coast of the island so commuting will be a drag but it’ll be a relief to live away from Vic.

I know we’ll be very happy there but we both have the impression that we’ll be looking for a bit more land in 5 or 10 years.


That would not surprise me in the least - it’s been happening at pretty much every spot along the Toronto-Windsor rail corridor.

Anyway, the new place sounds nice. Hopefully you don’t have much to do when you move in - I’m still working on my place after 14 years!

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Lets see:

  • finally was able to get an eye exam (getting new glasses)
  • health is making progress (in the right direction)
  • I got the new Iron Maiden album yesterday and the new Tina Guo album today
  • Got a display case for a certain box :wink: (box arrives at a later date)

i did get a macro lens attachment for one of my camera lenses. im still getting used to it, but been getting some nice shots imo. would still like to get an actual macro lens down the road. but will wait a bit longer.


The box arrived. I put it in its case. It looks so nice


Rained for the first time in… well, a while. It was a cool summer here, but so dry my yard is mostly dirt.


I would keep it in its case…


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