The "What Mildly Irritated while Simultaneously Amused You Today because Other People Exist?" Thread

Person needed/wanted to be leveled up in BL2.
No problem. cracks knuckles Let’s do this thing!

They were just shy of level 50 and expressed that they wanted to eventually be level 72.
No sweat. Maybe not in one day/session, but sure.

After an hour of work, they seemed to stop making progress. Something didn’t smell right and I don’t just mean ME, this time. Or my pimento-loaf sandwich. NO…this was different.

I asked them " Hey…what are your experience points looking like right now?".

Their reply. " Huh?".

“Really, what does your status bar on exp. level look like?”, I asked.

“It says 50.”

grrrrrr " Yeah, I get that. How close are you to 51?".

“Not at all. When do you make me 72?”

“Ok…this is how numbers work and they usually go in order. Make you 72? Did you buy the DLC’s and/or upgrades so that your characters can actually get to level 72?”

“What’s that?”

“Yeah… I have to leave and go put something in the oven. My head, I think. Good luck”.

“Where you going?”

“Me…well I’ve been working on genetically hybridizing pigs and turkeys and IF I can get one of these sucka ducks to take flight, then you will definitely be at level 72. Keep your fingers crossed.”

The preceding was based on actual events which were highly fictionalized and no other players, pigs or turkeys were actually harmed.

I probably stubbed a toe while typing this…so there’s that.


You stealin’ my thread title. :duketease:

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Huh? Just remixing it for the situations that don’t fall into angry/happy/sad…with a downbeat tempo and twist of lime.

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^ this right here!

that was pretty funny. i actually was helping a buddy level up until something similar came to light. lol TPS he didnt have claptastic DLC. 60 is where he stayed. lol