The "What pissed you off today thread" V2

The weather sucks and all I have to eat at work is pistachios. Someone should bring me a damn sammich. A turkey and ham damn sammich.


Woke up at 8PM. Angry at myself, but it’s all my fault and I’m doing nothing to stop it. So as long as I let this continue, I shouldn’t be able to talk about it. But yeah. Here I am.

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Slept for 13 hours straight, didn’t had any time to shower yesterday due to this.

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burnt dinner…burnt 2nd attempt- ended up ordering pizza Now i feel bloated


My VPN provider is really acting up today, have to disconnect and reconnect every few minutes.

Gotta love that the internet from our provider often fails to work.

Amazon’s Digital Download service is only available for US residents (without a workaround, which I’m skeptical of)

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I shall keep it simple and not TMI. “Poop Apocalypse” in one of the stalls at work. Best part is: I am Mall Maintenance aka I had to clean it up :frowning:


That is opposite of the best part.

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I think he/she ment it in a ironic way.

Sleeping way too much and awkward dreaming aswell.


Actually… the BEST part was they left their pants in said stall… you do not want to know why… blech

Wooo. New Badge Get!

‘Who needs pants anyway!’

Is what the person might have thought.

Either I’m stupid, or I can’t add my Debit Card to my Steam account. Damn.

Turns out I’m just stupid

Don’t be so hasty. PM me your debit card number and I’ll see if I can add it to my account. That way we can be sure if you’re stupid or not!


Half my hand hurts, not sure why.

Turns out SLI Scaling is ■■■■■■ in some parts though, most notably the concentration camp

Never saw this section of the forum.

Well, those who have been in Chile know HOW BUROCRATIC IS MY FREAKING COUNTRY. 3 HOURS IN A LINE for getting my new Drivers license.

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Ate Bad food…I’ll spare you the details

What did you eat? You can leave out the end result. :hospital:

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bad chicken, I didn’t notice until i was about half way into my curry xD
More than likely gonna develop a little bit of food poisoning Lucky I didn’t eat much Eh