The "What pissed you off today thread" V2

@Enderborn1 I hope Lyon didn’t get hit that hard by the heatwave. Or are you witnessing Lava Tsunamis already?


I’ve been burning alive for the past few days but other than that :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
Yesterday the temperature peaked at 43°C in Lyon. It isn’t really dangerous or anything, just extremely annoying. I kid you not I cannot even wear the thinnest white t-shirt I have otherwise I just burn up inside.


Yeah… At that point you can burn your feet stepping on the grass outside. Still, glad to hear you’re ok.


I stepped on synthetic grass at the football (soccer) stadium two days ago trying to swap my sneakers for cleats. It literally felt like the whole thing was a giant frying pan. :laughing:


Crazy Yugioh kid drama at the store today. It was parade day, usually one of our busiest days of the year. I’m expecting crowds and lots of drink sales, and instead I get Yugioh Kid drama involving a restraining order.

Things that happened today:
Heat in the high 80s.
Average business day when the parade usually makes it an excellent one.
Dogs barking at everybody that walks by.
A young man weeping in front of the store when four police officers serve him a restraining order.
Holy ■■■■ is it hot.
I begin smelling like a pig and I still have to be here for a few more hours.
A man hugs me when I just told him to not hug me, that was ■■■■■■ uncomfortable.

man hugs somebody else and walks up to me while I’m behind the counter
He: “Hi my name is Mr. ___. Nice to meet ya, I’m going to give you a hug now!”
Me: “Ah no thanks, I’m not a touchy-feely person and besides it’s really hot and I’m rather not touch anybody right no-”
He: “Nawwww, that’s ok.”
he hugs me
Me: nonononononononostopthisissonotok

The guy that got the restraining order, he managed to worm his way into meeting with our D&D group through a chain of unfortunate events. Three of us knew the guy, but our DM didn’t and allowed him to continue showing up. I tried to warn him of what type of guy this person was, but the conversation didn’t go anywhere.
As I was telling this guy that he had 5 minutes to leave before we called the cops to make sure he left(after serving the order the 4 cops left before this guy did), he apparently wanted to ask me if we were meeting up tomorrow. I had already ejected myself from the conversation at that point and hadn’t heard him, but somebody else told me about it later.
Nooooope. No, I don’t think I want to be around a creep the day after he is publicly served a restraining order, that’s a hard pass.
Thankfully, one of the other D&D members put their foot down after hearing the news about this guy.


An evil chicken that has become a resident evil.

(This is not gonna get any :heart:s.)

EDIT: Okay, I was wrong. But serious issue. Damn rooster crowing at almost all hours of the day with no pattern.


More like a RUDE-ster, am I right?

extends robotic arm for high five


This made me laugh of loud! Serious dad-joke that one was!


They are my fortè!

Thank you!


…and a huge one at that. All f***ing hours of the day, with no pattern/logic.

It’s night, and I swear this damn bird is broken…or just being an a******.


My internet just went out.

Like service, or lousy connection?

Already complained about this elsewhere, but Runescape is trying to descend the slippery slope that is microtransactions. I’d hate to see another game that i love die because of greed. And jagex being bought by an American company doesn’t help anything

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Hayfever killing me. Not literally. But it’s pretty grim. :wilted_flower:

Well, what started out as hayfever turned out to be a rather nastier virus, probably a cold of some sort, but it left me attempting to stagger to the bathroom to throw up… unfortunately I passed out midway, very briefly but the fall crippled both my poor ankles. Cold is better this morning but I ain’t gonna be moving for a while. :roll_eyes:


The cupholders in the chevy are TOO FAT.
These dumb things are so wide around that you’d have to stuff them with a couple paper towels just to keep your drink from wobbling around, and of course they’re placed right below the dashboard so if your drink is any sort of tall you can barely wedge it in the damn things!
So, the way these things are set up would indicate that you need short and wide cups, ok.
THESE CUPS DON’T EXIST. IF IT’S SHORT, IT’S THIN. IF IT’S TALL, IT’S WIDE TO MATCH. Cups follow a general height/width ratio to fit the hand or maximize the volume held per material used to make the cup. These cupholders fit neither of these forms.
These cupholders are effectively useless, and might’ve as well been left out. I’m going back to wedging the cup between my hip and the armrest.

@Hattie Real sorry to hear about the sickness/injury combo, here’s hoping you have a quick recovery!


Thank you!

On the upside, fever’s gone and I feel much better.

On the downside, 5 hours in Accident and Emergency later:

Seems I’ve fractured my foot. Stupid limbs :roll_eyes:


That’s a lot of cast for a little fracture.

Oh dear, Hattie…

What has become my norm, unfortunately. This damn bird is beyond broken.

I am starting to dread @Hattie posting in this thread.

Day 1: Allergies.
Day 2: Rather nasty virus
Day 3: Fractured limb
Day 4: ???

I sense a trend here and it’s not a good one. I hope this does not continue…

On topic: Sleep is becoming a scarce resource for me. Being tired all the time is severly overestimated.