The "What pissed you off today thread" V2

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Maybe I’m just seeing things, but…

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Mmmm I feel like that whole “punch, pause punch, pause, punchpuncpuhc bit” is a bit too stylistic to drill down to belonging to only one series. The takedown into the hammer punches when the defender on the ground seems more specific, but it’s a pretty common thing that shows up in UFC a lot, so they could just be drawing off that as it gets more popular.

Then again I have no idea how long ago King of Fighters came out, so it obviously could be a rip/homage depending on your flavor.


Sorry for bringing up this ■■■■ constantly, but it’s getting even crazier.
A 80 year-old lady was killed a cop, apparently he threw a gas grenade in her apartment from outside while she was trying to close her window (said multiple witnesses).

■■■■ got crazier, now cops are all over the place. Decided to put the Yellow Vest on and join the fight once again, but they quickly got violent and gassed out asses until we all spread out.
30 minutes later, I went back home with some other folks real quick and heard other people running away from them.

I managed to snap this picture from my window :


Right now there’s more but I don’t want to have my head exposed … risk of having my bloody jaw blown off by a Flashball.

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I’m not exactly sure. Maybe it’s just the way my brain works, but I’m seeing a lot of things in Craig Marduk…

Also, I feel like “Tekken 7” is going the way of “Injustice 2” with guest characters:

List item

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I’m not sure what’s pissing me off more right now. The fact that I have no money to buy food. Or the fact that anyone I tell just says it “sucks to be you”.

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These tie in with the above posts from Raven and me :

Apparently “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is all about a guy forcing his will on a defenceless damsel.

And apparently certain phrases that contain animals are tantamount to racism according to PETA.

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My mom heard that song when she was a kid and even back then she thought it was kind of, yeah.

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Enough to pull it out of rotation? This is tipping towards puritanical book burning.

If you listen to different versions it plays very differently. The original does admittedly sound bad, but it’s normally the newer recordings that get played these days.

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If this is the clip it originated from…:

…I’m seeing the lady wanting to leave, but the guy hindering her attempts to leave.

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Yep. That’s the clip - and I agree it’s dubious, but that’s because that’s how it was directed. Other versions don’t seem to have that undertone - to my ears anyways. Leon and Zooey seem to get it right.

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My grandma is really ill and not coping. Just really worried and pissed at the whole situation.

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The f*** is wrong with people:

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Ugh, The cramping. Make. It. Stop. :confounded:

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Hang in there!

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Will do!

I just took my “she-demon” pills before I go out today to help get rid of the pain.

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Trying to do a peak run in night setting while I have the “real life” sun in my face…
Ok. I’ll admit it’s a minor nuisance compared to real problems but…
Still pisses me off!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My ISP decided I could do without internet service for a while.

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Our nearly 20 year old printer died today. :frowning: