The "What pissed you off today thread" V2


Drama on the server…

You can always count on xenophobia to kick up in a crisis.

Trump’s use of the terms “Chinese/Wuhan virus” has largely been blamed for fanning the flames but you can always count on ignorance to win in any case. However,

On Monday, Trump tweeted that people should “totally protect our Asian American community,” adding that the spreading of the coronavirus is not their fault. He did not condemn racist and xenophobic attacks against Asian Americans in recent months.

NJ Gov. Murphy declared “there’s a special place in hell for the very small minority that do that”.

Hope you heard that Don.

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I haven’t posted here in ages, but honestly I’m pissed off. My pain’s through the ■■■■■■■ roof, and Trump has decided to ignore the rule of law in his attempt to hide what he’s doing with the stimulus money.

I am in a foul mood.

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Reminds me of the “influencers” (holy ■■■■, that word gets me badly started) who started licking toilet bowls and ■■■■. Why they didn’t stuck with the Clorox bleach/Tide pods challenge?

So, that happened.

My job is now officially a victim of the plague. So it goes.

I am very very not amused at all.

I hated Borderlands 3’s story, but still…


I was saying earlier, non-Asian folks being xenophobic towards Asian folks over coronoavirus is just stupid. Think about it. If they’re worried about getting it from an Asian person, it means that it can be spread to (and contracted by) non-Asians; by that, what’s to stop them from getting it from non-Asians?

That’s like horror movie logic s*** where someone fleeing a monster barricades a room to keep a monster out, and thinks they’ve succeeded…except there’s a few problems there:

  1. The monster being run from is definitely there, but in your certainty you may be right. Or wrong. Or uncertain.
  2. The monster being run from is not alone.
  3. YOU are not alone (in there). (This also qualifies as 2B.)

Relative example:


One of my PC fans is about to kick the bucket.

And the only new ones are red or RGB (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Accidentally broke Call of Pripyats mod set-up due to my own stupidity. Thankfully I remembered every mod that was installed before it happend so crisis was averted not too long after.

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Intrusive thoughts, emotionally numb, and dreams I can’t talk about.

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This woman pissed me off to the verge of angry crying yesterday.

People rioting. Get your free money, stay at home, and shut the ■■■■ up you useless wastes of oxygen


Pretty sure that my phone is turning into an expensive paperweight by virtue of it making me miss out on a message until I checked it on my laptop.



Mick Gordon may not work on future Doom songs anymore. The official release of the Eternal soundtrack has the mastering butchered by someone else and he had no control over that.

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Considering leaving the forums again. I can’t help but feel out of place. Those who matter can contact me on Discord anyway.

Earlier this month, the FDA loosened restrictions on blood donations from gay men amid a blood shortage spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. They now recommend that men who have not had sex with men in three months can give blood. The previous policy banned men who had sex with another man for a full year.

Apparently the FDA still thinks it’s 1985.