The "What pissed you off today thread" V2

It is really kind of silly to still be in place now. People understand HIV/AIDS a lot more now, which is I presume why that law was passed. In any case I thought all donated blood was screened and tested before it is used, so would seem kind of moot anyway, as long as safety standards are met.


Exactly, since it implies two things (to me) :

  • the FDA thinks still thinks that only gay men can get HIV/AIDS, thinking that was otherwise mostly stamped out by the early 90’s.
  • they don’t screen non-gay men’s blood for HIV/AIDS.

Obviously I realize implications and reality are different things in this case, but that’s how my mind works.


Treadmill got something in it, and it’s designed to thwart disassembly. Annoyed.

Tend to avoid posting here anymore, since it wasn’t helping so much, but just wanted to say: Anxiety sucks.


The resident evil has returned.


Just discovered that our apartment building has a rather spacious “backyard” that is almost entirely unused.

There’s a lot of broken glass in the “grass”, and that is the only reason I’m not letting my son run amok in it right now. I think wasting a space like this in NYC should be a ticketable offense.


Have you ever been so pissed of it hurt to breathe?

If not, go listen to a couple minutes of doctor phill, if you have acess(today’s episode). I wasn’t listening willing(was in bathroom), but comparing it to the current riots and uproar in America makes the protesters seem so pathetic they aren’t worth the oxygen.

I’ll spare you the details

Remember this?

We now have this…

If you tie your dog to your backdoor at night, you might want to consider that you shouldn’t be keeping pets.

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You seriously need some help.

Gamers all over the world.

Not just today, but there were a few highlights over on the BL3 board, as there always has been and will continue to be so.

In this day and age - climatic cataclysms, race riots, COVID, tanking economies, political corruption and incompetence, etc. - that someone feels they need to continually tear apart a perfectly good game and a perfectly ok developer is mind-bogglingly small minded.

I believe Jim Jeffries said it best


How do I keep getting neighbors who are awful dog owners? It’s become a theme to have these people leave their dog outside. This particular pair have a hound, and the damn thing is louder than a ■■■■■■■ siren. Literally, because I live near a fire station.

Why in the world do people get pets they don’t actually want, and then make everyone else suffer for it?


Some good news here…

Anxiety. Or perhaps more accurately an overactive sense of guilt aggravated by that and depression.

Just as I finish decorating my bedroom and start moving stuff back in, one of the drawers in my bed buckles. Both rails have bent and torn. I know you’re not supposed to overload them, but it wasn’t that heavy, especially since it was only the crap rails that buckled. The wood base of the drawer hasn’t bended at all, so the metal used in the rails must be ■■■■.

It’s 10 p.m. and the outside temperature is 29 ° C (85 ° F). One can barely open a window because that’ll just make it even hotter in our flat.

For perspective, I live farther to the north than Vancouver Island or Calgary. Tropical nights just aren’t for me!


They came to wash the carpets. So I have most been confined to a small room. I brought what I could for entertainment, but still getting bored fast. Can’t even play games right now until things dry up.

This article from E3

… It’s 2020, E3 can do better than this.