The "What pissed you off today thread" V2

There’s no more pineapple, I ate the last of it and I want more.


Didn’t really piss me off as much as it hurt but here is the brief story. I play a mobile game that, like most games, has the alliance/club feature. I haven’t been able to stick with one as of late due to being inactive in game which is a result of being in and out of the hospital for treatment. Had recently joined a new alliance (some events require to be in one to get currency or other rewards) and all was going alright. Until today :frowning: I get the message from the commander/leader saying that “bro I know ur recovering right now so were gonna let you go. Let’s connect when you heal up a bit. Thanks.”

And like that, I was kicked from the alliance. It hurt not only cause it’s rejection and that always sucks, but the fact that they kicked me cause of my current health issue became an issue in their eyes.

So screw em. I found another group. I ain’t going back

PS also slept a bit weird last night on my arm (currently have a medical implant of a sort inserted) and woke up with some pain.

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I’m furious and horribly anxious, I have to get one of my medications renewed, and the doctor in question is insisting on seeing me. In a major clinic. In person. In the middle of a pandemic. For a ■■■■■■■ medicine refill.


Just tried to get a lid off of a fresh water bottle. Took me ten minutes because it was so tight from the pressure. Had to cut it off with a knife. Hurt my hand from the friction.

Well, it was bad. Quite apart from the horrible anxiety, they’d scheduled so many people that they ran out of safe chairs. The lab was even worse, waited near an hour there.

The Christmas songs…they are starting. Dear God, they are starting…


I had a pretty irritating day at work today. Lots of problems to be solved. Lots of co-worker issues. Plus a last minute request plea for overtime (I declined).

When I got home I was vibrating so much I picked up the dumbbells and started cranking them hard. While doing this my wife sheepishly asks : what exactly is 5G? And do we have it here?

Ohhhhhh crap. Not promising questions in my current state. “Why may I ask?”

Turns out she got an email with a YT link from her (insane disowned) sister promoting the idea of 5G causing CV except CV isn’t a virus at all but rather the body’s reaction to a new EMF. And that in places with no 5G there is no CV. And that Spanish Flu was the same : reaction to then-new radio waves.

Christ on a cracker.

I explain 5G and a 30 second web search gave me 5G maps of Canada (guess what? Not much coverage).

So ensuing discussion about crazy, crazy conspiracy theories, crazy gullibility and some crazy. Then it seems another family member shared a slightly less crazy but still crazy “article” about how “an appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful.” Yes, Portugal. That paragon of scientific excellence.

At that point I reluctantly point out that once a person starts down this path, they’re likely lost forever in infinite labyrinths of crazy ; and that there’s little advantage to trying to convince them otherwise with rational thinking.

The point? That if there’s one conspiracy theory that needs to be investigated, it’s this : what the hell happened to humanity in the last year that, between politics and CV, has either revealed latent crazy or has precipitated the rapid development of crazy in so very many people?!


That’s cited by the crazies here, too.

What isn’t mentioned usually is that the ruling was not about “the” quarantine, but for exactly four persons (tourists) who were quarantined in their hotel by the health authorities. The quarantine was founded on a positive PCR test. A medical doctor or a judge was, from what I read, not consulted before ordering the quarantine.

And that’s the point. The health authorities overstepped their competences. So, no groundbreaking verdict to see here. Mule along…

What pissed me off today: crazies and covidiots, obviously.

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Duolingo just added animated cartoon characters to the Polish lessons with no option to disable them.
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Gift cards.
Oh gift cards you are a plague on humanity (by humanity, for humanity).

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My resident evil problem (= NOT Capcom-related!) has returned, twofold at least.

Noone has posted here in ages, but I feel like this is probably more appropriate than the RTT and frankly it’s unusual enough to merit griping.

Just had my ISP insist they had to install my new router (which, prior to this mess was a good thing, since it doubled my internet speed for no additional cost). When they got here, first nothing seemed to work, then it turned out that the person who handled the software part messed up so bad they couldn’t work out what to do, and said they’d have to work it out later, and then have the person here to do it come back.

All of which took a bloody hour. Inside my house. During a ■■■■■■■ pandemic. To be fair, I stayed outside when I could, and he used a mask, but still. Why not just let me install the ■■■■■■■ router?


I was going to make this an addendum to my last Pol post but I’d rather keep it off that board. Besides, wildly paraphrasing Temet : there’s just not enough pissed in the thread.

It’s semi-related and just to demonstrate how preposterous I do in fact find “pseudo-cancel-y” behaviour :

I used to work for an auto manufacturer whose slogan (beginning 2015) was “driving matters”.

One day, maybe 2017 or 2018, I answer the phone “hello, X car-dealer Service Department”.
The woman - 55-65 y/o judging by her voice - says sorry, wrong number but since I have you, is this X?
Yes, it is.
Well I think it’s deplorable how X has co-opted the Black Lives Matter slogan just to sell cars! Etc etc etc ad infinitum.
She just went on and on and my jaw just kept dropping more and more.

So here’s this upper-middle class (yes I can tell from her speech) white woman who lives in a city that has a population of black people that is one or two thousand, lecturing a complete stranger on a misdialed phone call about the injustice of an ad campaign against a group of people she may have encountered irl a handful of times.


My glasses are now in three pieces, and partially crushed. This is problematic on multiple levels, but probably the most immediate is my only replacement is a pair of decade old sunglasses at about half my prescription, and with a level of darkness generally only sold on request.

Well, haven’t posted here in ages due to it being bad for my mental health, but currently busy being angry/anxious. angxious? anxry? I don’t ■■■■■■■ know. The combination of my health and poor case choice means I’m going to have to rely on someone else to help me wire this case (I despise PSU cages, stupid ■■■■■■■ things).

Loki just finished its 6-episode run and while the show was running at a good 6-7/10, the finale was so infuriating I seriously want all my money (that I didn’t spend) back.

The actual rant :point_down:

Our heroes finally come face to face with the mysterious Overlord who turns out to be a ■■■■■■■ moron played by a ■■■■■■■ talentless idiot, written and directed to be a ■■■■■■■ clown. ■■■■ you Michael Waldron. ■■■■ you Feige. ■■■■ you Marvel for insulting my intelligence. Evidently you think your fan base are ■■■■■■■ idiot clown morons.

Tried to contact an old family (and personal) friend who helped raise me since I’d heard he was being given only a year to live a week-ish ago. He didn’t pick up the phone or respond in any way, found out today that he’d died a few weeks after being told that.

Feel awful about the whole thing, from the fact that he’s dead and I’ll miss him, to guilt that I didn’t try harder to get ahold of him.

I’ve been listening to a podcast all day (Alan Alda’s Clear and Vivid) and while the interviews are very interesting, the interviewees seem obsessed — along with just about everyone these, possibly including me — with the “you know” interjection. Sometimes twice in a row.

So this great sharing of ideas became me counting how many times a particular person couldn’t just speak a sentence. Very very frustrating.

I was frying chicken. In rapid order, I got raw chicken on my shirt/arms from the buttermilk splattering, splashed myself with 300 degree oil due to rushing from the prior, then jerked my hand up which was covered in a glove covered in raw chicken straight into my hair. At least the blister appears limited to a few inches.

Acorns, or as my wife and I call them : ow-corns.

Clearly the summer’s heat wave was understandably regarded by our rather oversized oak as a “stressor” as it decided to put out an unprecedented (hey, why not use the Word of the Year) amount of fruit.

Acorns have been raining down like hellfire for the past week on the house, the shed, the oil tank, the neighbours cars, the concrete patio and all living things that may have the misfortune to have come into their path from tree to soil as if the oak spat them there like venom. And it’s almost exactly that since the wind has been insane the last while which certainly doesn’t help.

Of course the caps are sharp as hell so walking barefoot is taking one’s life into one’s hands, to say nothing of the pratfalls one risks as if the ground was covered in marbles.

Our greatest relief is that this will be our last autumn to be plagued by these vermin as our new home’s elevation will be above the Garry oak’s range.

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