The "What pissed you off today thread" V2

I currently have my music cranked up because my mamaw’s company won’t turn the ■■■■■■■ TV down. I’m losing my mind today and they’re like 75% of the problem

I had another one of my sadistic slip-ups that I thought I had finally overcome completely, and this upsets and troubles me; mainly because it was random and spontaneous, though evil acts often are I suppose…

Dinner with the extended family on Christmas Eve.
It started bad and went quickly from bad to worse, before slamming through terrible to horrible in a revue that included my mom near nervous breakdown, my wife in tears and my daughter nearly throwing up…

While retaining a stoic exterior I am typing this one-handed, because another friendly family member slammed the cutlery drawer shut.
With my fingers still in it.

I am starting to become curious about what will happen next…


Divert auxiliary power to shields, we have Caps Lock incoming.

Today is the



Exhaustion again.
I’m having to sit down every couple of rooms on this patrol. I’m 22 and I can’t walk around the building I’m nightshift security for in one go because I’m that tired and weary.

Everything hurts, or aches. I can barely keep myself focused and I’m bouncing between freezing cold and overheating.

I don’t think this would be so bad if I could even attempt to justify this job and the effort for anything or one. I’m chipping away at my health, and what makes me, well, me just to keep myself with an income.
I don’t even think this job offers a pension scheme (not that I expect to hit retirement age with the steady climb)

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Been sick and everything tastes terrible


not your average potatoe

My sister screamed because she saw a spider.
I was asleep in preparation for nightshift, she knew I was. And she screamed several times.

I’d understand it if we had venomous spiders in the UK.
I’d somewhat understand if she hadn’t collected that bugs magazine which had spiders (amongst other things) trapped in that hardened plastic (lucite I think).

Still nothing feasible available as a new job offer.

Everything requires a full driving licence (I have a provisional, haven’t had the hours to get the full one, and when I went for the theory test it was after a nightshift so I nearly fell asleep mid-test).
Or they require travelling further than my dad would, and given the lazy people who run the metro and so on (plus the quality of it) I’d probably find them striking more often than not if I needed them to get to work outside of my local town.

I also ended up snapping at my dad because he worked security nearly 20-odd years ago himself so “woe is he, who worked security to support a young family and therefore didn’t work just to sit on the money he earned”.

If this is going to be my 2020 I’ll pass on it already. I honestly hate my job to the point of not even finding the pay I get worth it. Even double time isn’t enough to make me feel like it is worth it. We’re due a 6.1% minimum living wage increase in April (£8.21 up to £8.72) and even that doesn’t feel like it’s enough for the hours I do.

Every single Monday and Tuesday dayshift and every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nightshift. I mean, this year I’d have nightshift Christmas eve into Christmas day, and nightshift Christmas day into boxing day along with New Years eve into New Years day.

Edit when I get in work.

One of the other guards is trying to throw me under a bus about not putting on some heating which I never need because I have a couple of coats for when I do external patrols at work, so I just put them on rather than heating.
Worst part, they’re going behind my back. They’re not even confronting me about it, they’re talking ■■■■ behind my back.
This is why I avoid workplace politics, this is why I just ignore the whining and moaning about other people. We come to work for pay, not to make friendships, not to gossip.

Seriously ■■■■ 2020 already. I’m done with it.

Migraine, I haven’t had one this bad in a while. Was so severe I started feeling out of touch with reality.

Woke up this morning shivery and cold.

Then felt grit or some dust or something in my eye. Dealing with that I shuddered and my glasses came off, they bounced off the floor and my ■■■■■■■ lenses have gone to ■■■■-knows where.

I have an 11 hour dayshift today and couldn’t find the second of the lenses, so I’m practically ■■■■■■■ blind today. Yay for stuck in a gatehouse when you can’t pass the down time due to not being able to indulge in a good book.

And this is all before taking into account the ripoff that is glasses prices, why they’re (for the most basic) as stupidly expensive I don’t know.

Should be a bloody basic entitlement for people. You don’t ask for your eyes to be ■■■■■■ up. So to suffer from that is disgusting.

Good thing it happened just before a dayshift so that I can’t even get them seen to until tomorrow, so the opticians will need to see me when I pop down tomorrow. Otherwise it’ll be Saturday afternoon and I may as well go to work with a blindfold on.

2020, go ■■■■ yourself.

You can quote me on that.

It’s not even a free eye test. Google said between £19-£25 to be expected. Vision express has been known to do £10 if booked online.
Glasses start at £39 with Vision Express though. That’s a load of ■■■■■, because I have a job and I’m not a benefit leeching parasite I’m getting stung yet again for things that I didn’t choose to have happen.

Earliest appointment I’d have been able to get would be 16:30 tomorrow. Unacceptable, I’m on nightshift and if I get up earlier for that I’ll already be getting tired when I go to work. Can’t fall asleep on nightshift.
It’d also take 7 days for glasses, my eyes would get worse in the time it took for them to arrive. Especially with me being on 3 nightshifts then, and 2 days.
I’m pissed my dad tried to sort this behind my back though. ■■■■■■■ talk to me when something concerns me. Don’t just put me forward. Don’t just set something up.

God ■■■■■■■ dammit. 2020 go ■■■■ yourself. Hell, can we just skip the 20’s all together? I can’t see it getting any better.

Gatehouse door just hooked my jumper.
Yanked me round, so I smashed my hand into it.
Then booted it.
Then hit it with a hammer and nearly tripped over a ■■■■■■■ blue chair that nearly broke my neck before by falling over when I was sitting in it.

■■■■ off 2020. ■■■■ right off.

Not pissed off, but nothing worthy to put in the sad thread either.

In a borderline emotionless state for a week now, apart from the moment I did mourn over my grandfather.

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My watch is now on its way out.

Minute hand has jammed, second hand won’t move if the watch is vertical. Clasp has been iffy a little while.

■■■■ off 2020. Why does everything I touch have to break. It’s finally stopped being a joke. I’ve wiped Internet routers out by walking into the same room, every watch I’ve ever had has either snapped around my wrist or developed a fault. Hell, a reinforced Park lock fell apart in my hand a few months ago.

I just give up. Let it all come crumbling down.

It’s raining at th store today and the roof is as ■■■■■■ and awful as ever. I’ve got rain coming in nearly every spot I’ve seen it come in and one of the leaks moved over one of our lights. About 20 minutes into my shift the light exploded, making it the third fixture to do so in this store’s history.

The plumber we called in looked at what I thought was a pipe leak but it turned out, again, to be related to the ■■■■■■ awful roof and building. Good that it’s not a new problem, but only an extension of what we were dealing with before! Seems that the back wall is getting water inside of it.

The phone continues to ■■■■ up, I’m so ready to just break apart the handset and smash it into pieces, it would feel so good to just break that ■■■■■■■ thing into little bits.

There’s something I can do to try to fix the phones, that’s on me. I simply don’t expect that the owner of this store will do anything to fix the five thousand leaks we have coming through everywhere, I really don’t. I can’t even turn around without seeing or hearing water and it’s stressing me the ■■■■ out. I’m standing here stress giggling, seeming like some creepy mass murderer or something.

I ate my lunch early and I really could use more food to settle me down and just thinking about it is making me dread the last part of my shift.

I can’t stop thinking about this letter that mom got last night. She cut a gash in her forehead at work last week, seven stitches. Now, it’s all covered under workman’s comp but she got a letter from the insurance company disputing the claim(I mean naturally, that’s just what insurance companies do, this is fine) in the amount of $2169.
For seven stitches.
I can’t stop thinking about that and it’s just freaking me the hell out that seven goddamned stitches could cost more than what I paid for my ■■■■■■ truck.

Rather irritated at myself that I didn’t use Vulkan support in GZDoom before. Why? I was under the assumption my card wouldn’t support it for whatever reason.

2 occasions on which my chest started to hurt so badly I momentarily couldn’t breath.

Frak Steyer.

I’m so frakking tired of seeing his frakking ads EVERYWHERE.

Not just on TV, not just on YouTube, but also in my frakking MAILBOX.


Another frigging Fire Emblem character in Smash Bros.
Enough already!

I can’t ■■■■■■■ believe this. Why didn’t they let my ■■■■■■■ useless mother set in jail and be useless like she always has been? She’s just gonna get in trouble again leave her in there. ■■■■

Kicked something with my shin on accident, contused the bone. Unpleasant.