The Witcher 3 had an interesting DLC approach that could work in Borderlands

With the first main expansion of the Witcher 3 the DLC requires a character to be at level 30 in order to play. If your character is nowhere near that level you can opt to start with a default level 30 character and continue on from there. A similar approach could work in Borderlands going forward.

Borderlands is a long game and for someone who has invested a lot of time into a high level character might not be so enticed to do it all again. The first play through is fun the first character but can feel like a bit of a slog for additional characters. Borrowing on the idea from the Witcher 3 maybe once a playthough has completed a mode could be unlocked to allow subsequent characters to be started with at a default 34-ish level in TVHM mode and skipping over the first play through. For me this idea would mean I would be more likely to try out other characters and probably spend a lot more time playing it.

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Ok this is the 5th or 6th “BL3 Should Do This Thread” (The second being specifically about grinding in particular) that you’ve posted in this section, but I will weigh in.

It’'s a decent idea to support the people who complain about grinding, and I would agree that there would need to be a mandate to complete the current playthrough in some capacity if such a system were to be implemented, but I feel that the initial leveling process is core a core experience to players. If you gave them the option to just avoid the leveling and skip the decisions you make by going through the leveling progress, and skill evaluation that occurs when you learn how to use your character, it sort of defeats the purpose of trying out a new character, don’t you think?

That being said, I’m all open to the idea of allowing the level skip of the same character (like I beat the game with Jack, I should have access to all the TVHM Jacks that I desire) , however pointless that may be.

Rather than contribute to a sensible discussion constructively you instead instantly try and derail it. This forum is very quite these days and I try to add something interesting and this is the attitude I get. Well thanks for your contribution.


Let’s settle down. @Hoyle4: if you don’t like a thread, I strongly suggest (by which I mean, I insist that) you not post in it. Posts like yours don’t improve a thread in any way.

I think it best if you just moved along.

I like it, their was another idea where if your high level friend wants to join your game, his guns and levels are auto scaled down so they are not so over powered. It would be nice to go play OP0 and have all my OP8 gear get downgraded.

Your idea and this idea could work really well together.

Oh and people should go play the Witcher 3.

I like this scaling down to match abilities idea also. You would retain skill points but your gear would be on par with your friend so you would still be a touch better skill wise but in a good way.

I plan to play Witcher 3 a bit later on, it has gotten a lot of good reviews and the DLC for that game is also getting good reviews. It’s hit and miss with DLC for a lot of games so nowadays I will wait till a GOTY and get it when all is said and done.

OK, so a somewhat different perspective here…

I finally got around to buying Dragon Age: Origins.

Except I goofed, and didn’t notice that I’d just picked up Dragon Age: Awakening. It turns out that you can play the expansion pack without having played the game at all. You get a ton of skill points to spend, and away you go. Frankly, that didn’t go well for me at all - there was a lot of stuff about the game, the skills, and the way combat worked that I needed to know which I simply didn’t get without starting from zero.

Granted, the Borderlands games aren’t quite as complicated. That said, if it was possible to buy the DLC and jump straight in without having played the main game at least once, it would likely alienate more players than it would help. But even having played the game as one character doesn’t necessarily help you if you then jump in at a higher level with a different character. So this scheme would really only help the hard-core player who likely has multiple versions of each playable character anyway.

Yes I agree but there is a catch-22 as I am not trying out new characters anyway because I cannot see myself investing the same amount of time as I did with my first one. A quick boot partway into the game with additional characters will make me explore the game more than I currently am. This feature would be optional of course as the fans who want the complete experience could always opt to start from scratch. Starting from scratch is also not exactly from scratch when you consider the impact of BAR.

You would have to unlock the feature by playing it once and also it would be optional. If you find you don’t know how to play the character you could always start a new on from scratch but if you want a challenge to learn the hard and fast how to use your characters new skills set then this could also be a plus feature rather than a minus. For example you could boost the base level skills in each tree rather than maxing out one tree and building on skills across the board, as you go you can opt to flesh out the skills you like the most from there. Just a thought.

In my case, I simply picked up DA;O and started over. Glad I did, actually! (Plus, my daughter turns out to be a huge DA nerd - she’s probably sunk twice as many hours into it so far.)

Yes, I have always thought new character should start as level 30 (with an option if player wants to do so), by two conditions:

  • first character should be level 30
  • should have defeated the final boss

This would be an effective “New Game+”, as now characters can reach up to level 72. It’s really still long way to go.

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