The worst kd i ever seen

Last night i was playing with randoms and someone picked melka and got 2 kills and 19 deaths and almost lost us the game cuz she was soo underleveled.

Whats the words KD you every seen from a teammate

I saw a Montana go 0 -24 on overgrowth… was the most depressing moment I’ve seen in BB.

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And the exact point of this thread is …?


Not a clue lol.

Worst KD isn’t really a necessary topic but I does remind of people who pick Battleborn like Marquis but they can’t aim .-.

I don´t think this topic is going anywhere positive and it might even lead people to simply insulting to these “bad” players.

If you had a glorious match - make a topic about your victory or how you managed to win, but please avoid pointing out how badly player X was. Such posts could easily just scare of new players who may visit the forum.

End point: Dragging about how bad other players are is not welcome in these forums.


…Here’s a person with brains in their head. :slight_smile:

ive seen marquis go 0 - 18


hes a sniper

but the guy playing him…

would just run into the middle of the map and die every time.

poor fella

I’m still unsure what Kraft Dinner™ has to to with a video game???


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I was just bored and wanted to know whats the worst kd yall ever seen from a tteammate

Im not trynna start nothin im justccurious what the worst kd ppl have seen from a teammate

1: K/D means basically nothing unless you’re going competitive AF
2: …1 kill, 23 deaths. Granted the enemy team was pretty good. I got about a 9/7 that match

Had a Rath go 2-24

Literally cried.

I once saw a player on my team go 0-11 yet destroy over 100 minions, more than double anyone else’s minion count in the match. K:D is irrelevant in an objective-based game if you’re dying with purpose.


[quote=“Slif_One, post:14, topic:1539169”]
K:D is irrelevant in an objective-based game
[/quote]I get what you’re saying but it still matters to a degree. Sure it is physically possible to win whilst the majority of the team is going negative but it still means that the other team has more map control, likely more XP unless they completely disregard minions, buildabels, and more players alive for team fights. So it’s still something

Worst kd I ever seen? 0/~20
I’m not lying. I was doing capture and it was so frustrating !! He was dragging the whole team down and we were actually almost winning. Final score was something like 900-1000. I hope that person never plays Kleese again

I mean it was his first PVP match as Kleese and you could tell he was trying. His loadout sucked so I guess he just assumed his PVE loadout would work in PVP since he wrecks face in PVE. Too bad PVP is a totally other ball game

He would put down rifts then be blocked trying to run away from the enemy. He specced for skill damage then realized a lot of players don’t run straight at you like the Thralls so he couldn’t hit anybody. And he read online that that Kleese’s shock taser destroys enemy Battleborn so would go 1v3 and shock everybody in sight but die quickly and not even get the capture. The team would have been better off if it just went 4v5 and he disconncted

I wanted to help him. I wanted to give him some advice. But I didn’t know how to play Kleese myself so in the end my team lost

Sadly, I was the Kleese


lolol it happens to the best of us buddy.

i remember my first time as gali, i think iwent like 0-8 then just said screw it im gonna stay back and kill minions/build turrets and never play gali again

10/10, would read again :+1:

I main Kleese but would never play him on Capture (apart from the once on each map to complete his lore challenge) .

Not enough places to hide… Especially on Outback.

I watched a boldur go 0-28 I was playing as boldur as well I ended up going 20-1 which made the other boldurs stats depress me