The worst two legionaries in borderlands 3

They are both CoV assault rifles, embrace the pain and pain is power, they are pretty much the same weapon, one has a spin up time but at the end of the day they both deal about the same amount of damage (witch is about the same amount of damage as any purple CoV assault rifle) and set you on fire. There is 0 point in using them as they are your run of the mill CoV weapon but they set you on fire, it could at least give you a buff while you are on fire like buffed damage or gives you a very weak fire DoT and makes you immune to fire damage, but it doesn’t it just sets you on fire.

They’re Krieg easter egg weapons. Of course they set you on fire. Some stuff is put in for novelty or easter egg purposes.

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there are a bunch of easter egg weapons but they all have some type of function, these do not.

Try combine it with elemental relic with 183% dmg.


That’s a good idea. I might try it out with that Zane Legendary COM that gives stats when you have no shield.

Both Embrace the Pain and Pain is Power still break really quickly after getting the self-ignite and have long repair times. Not really worth your time - even with an Elemental Projector artifact.

Oh. Thanks for the heads up.